4/1/17 6:50 PM
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jju -
grizz632 - New NXT championship belts are being unveiled tonight at Takeover

You would think they would be changing the women's belt soon too 

They're changing all of them tonight, men's, women's, and tag
4/1/17 7:10 PM
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Good.  The men's one really sucks 

4/1/17 7:19 PM
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Cool. The NXT belts are the worst.
4/1/17 7:21 PM
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kingofpancakes80 - Cool. The NXT belts are the worst.

I thought they were pretty forgettable.

You could almost say some of them have been glazed over.
4/1/17 7:22 PM
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just not feeling this NXT show tonight. I'll watch it, but it has been relegated to the second screen tonight.
4/1/17 7:34 PM
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Lol @ the most anticipated Takeover to date. Good one guys.
4/1/17 7:38 PM
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its not hyped. But the tag team and womens match will be really good. There could be two debuts tonight. Dont know who could dillingers partner. Whos signed with wwe recently?
4/1/17 7:42 PM
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nvm kassius ohno is probably the replacement
4/1/17 7:47 PM
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Charlie Caruso looking good on pre-show, pretty dreamy.
4/1/17 7:51 PM
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yeah, this is the least anticipated Takeover I can remember in quite a while.
4/1/17 7:55 PM
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Lol at Peyton and Billie Kay they crack me up.
4/1/17 7:56 PM
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Alexa Grasso Is So Dreamy - Lol at Peyton and Billie Kay they crack me up.

I'm a fan.
4/1/17 8:02 PM
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here we go.
4/1/17 8:06 PM
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Yeah, the card isn't too bad I guess. The weekly show has been pretty lackluster for a bit now, though.
4/1/17 8:07 PM
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I don't even catch NXT every week any more.

6-8 months ago I didn't think that would be possible.
4/1/17 8:10 PM
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Chick from sanity looks like her pussy smells like swap ass 

4/1/17 8:10 PM
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no surprise that Ohno is the fourth guy.
4/1/17 8:19 PM
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I hate to be "that guy" but god damn pal... Ohno could be a big deal if he had a nutritionist and a drive in the weight room.
4/1/17 8:24 PM
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poor tye. So over yet even on nxt hes a jobber. Will never get a fair shot
4/1/17 8:39 PM
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Aleister Fucking Black

4/1/17 8:42 PM
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Man, fuck the fat irish guy that stole the one winged angel.
4/1/17 8:45 PM
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Nigel says Black has a bright future here at Ring of Honor haha. Followed by awkward silence.
4/1/17 8:49 PM
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Damn... was sort of hoping they'd being back Cornette tonight for The Revival.

They're missing that old school loudmouth manager.
4/1/17 8:51 PM
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RdotC - Damn... was sort of hoping they'd being back Cornette tonight for The Revival.

They're missing that old school loudmouth manager.

That would be awesome. I also wouldn't mind him being the next Raw GM, but that's a pipe dream.
4/1/17 8:52 PM
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Who's taking the first pin?