Art Vandelay's Pro Wrestling Ground HOLY F'N SHIT! Jun Kasai- razor board death match

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This new embedding feature is fucking terrible on this site.

Anyways, at around 8:00 into the first vid, Kasai takes a powerbomb onto the razor board, and like 20 cuts on his back just simultaneously open up.

Wow, is all I can say.  I've seen many deathmatches, but that shit was on another level.

One thing that I think always fascinates me, is that there is seemingly a lot of women in the audiences cheering.  Imagine your gf or wife walking in and saying, "hey, I hear Kasai's having a razor board deathmatch tonight.....why don't we go check it out?" 

Japanese culture is quite interesting.

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christ. that board doesn't look like much, but it does the job. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!
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What was up w/ that kiss?
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Is the pic of him after the match.

Basically, he had sex with a woman friend of someone influential that he shouldn't have. The deal was made that he take the bump on the razor board, or they cut his dick off.

He chose to take the bump.
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Holy shit, PTS....are you serious?  You seem to have a lot of interesting shit when it comes to Japan.


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And additionally, even without the back scars, what fucking woman would want to have sex with him to begin with?

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In Japan, wrestlers/MMA fighters are rock stars. I think there is alot of cultural differences that we don't totally understand which is why so many things they do seem strange.There is plenty of ugly people who are considered pretty because of fame or money or a combination of both.

Also there are other deathmatch videos of him. He did a CZW show where a light tube cut his elbow deep enough for you to see bone. In general Mad Monkey is nuts to begin with. I think he would take the razor bump again even if he wasn't threatened.
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"There is plenty of ugly people who are considered pretty because of fame or money or a combination of both"


I don't care how much fame and/or money Jun Kasai has(I'm guessing none on both of those, btw), any broad that fucks a dude that looks like this has serious issues...



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"In general Mad Monkey is nuts to begin with. I think he would take the razor bump again even if he wasn't threatened."

I think you're probably right.  Even the crazy fucks like Onita, Pogo, and Matsunaga at least seemed to look after one another a little bit.  What they did was mostly low-impact shit and was primarily based off of weapon spots the included digging and cutting.  Nuts nonetheless, but guys like Kasai, Sabu, New Jack, Mondo, and Necro Butcher just seem to have a fucking death wish.  I've watched guys like Sabu and New Jack for almost 15 years now, and I'm absolutely convinced that they will not stop until they are either dead, or simply incapacitated to the point where they can no longer physically step into a ring.

You have to be of a different breed to do that shit. 


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My friend left a death match compilation DVD over at my place a few years ago and this guy was on it a couple of times. One of the most painful looking things I ever saw was him wrestling barefoot in a thumbtack/barbwire match. Guy looked like he had 100 or so tacks stuck in the bottoms of his feet. This footage is on another level of insane to me.
6/11/08 3:20 PM
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I think even dumber than Big Japan may be those CZW idiots.  There's one video of Nick Gage backstage being hosed down and crying like a bitch because his back, neck, and head were burning because he did a spot where he went through fire.

Before I could even feel bad for him, I thought about the fact that he agreed to do it, probably for a grand total of like $100.

It's like when people hold these pity parties for guys like Sabu when they get seriously fucked one instance, I feel really bad for the guy, because he's given me/us so much entertainment over the years, but at the same time, what did everyone expect was going to happen?  He'd be able to do this for the rest of his life, injury-free?  C'mon!

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See the CZW show where they raise Zandig above the ring using meathooks through his back? What about the weedwacker show?

I had a friend who worked in CZW for a long time tell me so many stories about them and what a POS John Zandig is that it really persuaded me from watching them for a while.
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I've seen the weed whacker spot, but not the meat hooks.

What was Zandig like?  Did he fuck over the workers?

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i've heard zandig to be the typical owner who pushes himself rather than the good workers that they had.
6/12/08 5:48 PM
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Everything I heard was Zandig has to be the star, everything about him, everything booked about/for/to/starring him, despite others being more popular/over/better workers, etc. He also has a bad temper, throws hissy fits, and is just a real dick to people who don't see his way.
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lol....I read about the BJPW belt being taken back and never returned by CZW, but I thought that was just part of an angle.

How much do those belts cost, anyway?

6/13/08 6:07 PM
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Depends. CZW for a long time used cheap $500 belts. Their current heavyweight title made by Midwest, ran them near $2k.

The BJPW belt depending on which one was stolen was worth a thousand or so.
6/13/08 9:12 PM
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It wasn't the BJPW chair belt was it? That was like a 1500 belt.
6/13/08 11:58 PM
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Man, that's bullshit.  I guess BJW didn't have any yakuza connections to get it back.