5/23/20 12:38 AM
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5/23/20 12:50 AM
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Damn. I read earlier that she was safe with family and friends and being looked after. 


Depression is a helluva sickness

5/23/20 12:53 AM
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Is it depression? From what I saw today she was being bullied pretty bad

5/23/20 1:31 AM
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I just read that she was being bullied after appearing on a reality show. 
I hadn’t heard of her before but apparently she was only 22. 

5/23/20 1:40 AM
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Yeah, I’m sure it was at her own hand. Fuck, this one sucks. Fuck depression.

5/23/20 2:27 AM
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Wow. Wasnt she one of their top stars?

5/23/20 2:30 AM
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So confused? Looking up articles but what was she getting cyber bullied over? I thought she was super popular. Is this a recent phenomenon?

5/23/20 2:37 AM
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TheBearStare -

So confused? Looking up articles but what was she getting cyber bullied over? I thought she was super popular. Is this a recent phenomenon?

Stupid, petty shit that proves the world in doomed.she was on a Japanese reality show called Terrace House. She yelled at a guy... Yup, seriously... A reality TV argument.

5/23/20 4:12 AM
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5/23/20 5:25 AM
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People on Twitter saying that some of the abuse she was receiving even went as far as death threats. WTF. 

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Just saw that she posted pics of her deeply cut wrists which were promptly deleted by Twitter. Genuinely wish I hadn’t.

Social media can be a tool for extraordinary kindness and generosity but the flip side to that is so depressingly dark.

5/23/20 9:26 AM
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So sad and a terrible commentary on society. 

I never watched Terrace House but it’s on Netflix in the US.


5/23/20 9:51 AM
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Fucked up.

I met her once last year and she was the coolest person.

Can’t believe she killed herself over some shitbags on the internet.

5/23/20 1:14 PM
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Saw her perform at a ROH show about 2 years ago, saw her at the G1 NJPW show at MSG last year. Very talented and super cute, quite the loss. RIP.
5/23/20 1:25 PM
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Very sad, saw her in some six-woman matches on ROH TV a couple years ago, beautiful and charismatic girl, looked forward to seeing her career unfold. RIP

5/23/20 5:45 PM
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i along with hundreds of others reported a couple of the twitter accounts that were spamming hate messages at her. 

one deleted dozens of his tweets to her right after the news reports surfaced.


you never know what someone's breaking point is. trolling back and forth is one thing but these guys viciously spammed and attacked her dozens of times a day .   


poor girl couldn't deal with it.   RIP Hana

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Japan is what the rest of TV is like AFTER you feed it crack and steroids.