Art Vandelay's Pro Wrestling Ground Hang man is my least favorite of the Elite

3/5/20 9:32 AM
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For me Cody is AEW’s Sting. I can see him going through transformations in the future he had talent in spades.

Having said that Jake the Snake’s promo was legit fire and shows how weak some of the promos are by other guys. Hangman needs to take notes. In the ring he can tell a story though 

Jake is the best promo of all time.  Not an easy guy to follow

I remember Vince saying once he was never sure where Jake the person ended and the character began. And that is what made Jake gold on the mic. There was always that little doubt about just how crazy is this guy?
3/5/20 11:06 AM
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Paige got exposed as a nice guy who’s a school teacher and not a cowboy at all once he was going for the title. The drinking and being butthurt is his way of redeeming his complete lack of badassery. The hold my beer thing is good and starting to show some anger has made him actually more likable. Dudes grown on me to where he’s the actual star of the storyline where as Bucks and Omega might be considered “better” but no one cares about their story as much..if they have one. 

Cody used the line “you’re a chapter in my story” on MJF that he stole from his dad. It’s what Dusty told Sting as well. Some characters are the Star some are the support. Paige and Cody feels like your watching their story’s progress the way Stings did before his first title win. Everyone was expecting to be following the Bucks and Omegas story but it never really materialized and they just had a bunch of matches with the Lucha Bro’s and PAC.  Paige flipping the bird to Glen Danzig looking Young Buck is good stuff. Dudes definitely gotten better since the Full Gear challenge. 

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Hangman is my favorite of The Elite 


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Hangman is my favorite of The Elite 


legit lmao

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Hangman is my favorite of The Elite 


legit lmao

That was pretty funny 

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I hated Hangman when he wrestled Jericho for the belt but the Hangman who drinks beer and disrespect the bucks... He's winning me over.

22 days ago
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I didn't care for him 1 way or the other when AEW first started, but he's been winning me over & I look forward to seeing him on TV each week now. 

15 days ago
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Love the tension they're building between Hangman and Matt Jackson. 


Gonna be one hell of a feud when Kenny and the Bucks turn heel on him. 

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Talented guy