Art Vandelay's Pro Wrestling Ground Has anyone else stopped watching wrestling .....

8 days ago
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During the pandemic? 


I haven't watched WWE since mania but i dont feel like im missing anything except Heel Roman. 

Nxt has been overreated for a while now .

I honestly love AEW and think they have handled the pandemic the best but at the same time  it feels like all storylines have paused and its just put on good shows  .

Am i wrong to feel this way is there something a wrestling fan like my self should be seeing?

8 days ago
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Same.  I watched Mania and then nothing since then. 


8 days ago
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I'm only watching AEW at the moment. I wasn't really watching WWE before the pandemic started though. I'll tune in for Mania and the rumble like I always have but I can't be bothered with their product right now.

I also agree that AEW's storylines seemed to have halted to a snail's pace. You can skip a months worth of Dynamite and not miss a single thing. Omega vs Page and the ongoing Jericho/MJF stuff should be worth the wait though.

8 days ago
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Now that I think about it I'm realizing my habits have changed. I keep up with threads here and will watch occasional youtube clips aew posts. Not really watching anything with consistency. Random matches here and there from YouTube of old Japanese stuff or the network

7 days ago
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AEW is where it is at now. The WWE product is terrible. They sign Indy stars to NXT and once they get to the main roster they go nowhere. The 2 brand split is terrible and does nothing but keep stagnant storylines kicking for months. 

7 days ago
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I just watch older stuff on wwe network 

7 days ago
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TerrySilver -

I just watch older stuff on wwe network 

This. I havent watched consistently for 15 years

7 days ago
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Inwatch AEW and that's it. AEW has always been slow burn stuff. They're good at rotating and keeping matches fresh.

7 days ago
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I haven't watched WWE for quite some time now. I subscribe to NJPW World. The G1 Climax tournament final was on this morning. Great wrestling and they have spectators although at reduced numbers. 

7 days ago
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Last current WWE I watched in full was the boneyard match at Mania. I didn't even watch the rest of the show.

I watch the odd clip here and there that pops up on my FB feed, but that's it. There's really nothing in WWE right now that entices me to come back and watch regularly.

7 days ago
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No wwe.  I watch some or most aew most weeks.

Just got wwe network a few days ago and I know I'm going to sound like "that guy", but I'm just going to come out and say it- wrestling was so, So much better back in those days. 

7 days ago
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WaltJ - 

No wwe.  I watch some or most aew most weeks.

Just got wwe network a few days ago and I know I'm going to sound like "that guy", but I'm just going to come out and say it- wrestling was so, So much better back in those days. 

You know what is so painfully obvious now looking back, is that JR was the ultimate product promototer for them on commentary. King was great too.

But JR was just genuinely get you excited and amped for the shows every week.
7 days ago
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I honestly don't watch much anymore.

I fast forward through SD. Have no use for Raw. Used to be a huge NXT fan, but they started a pretty bad slide downhill back around when they put both belts on Keith Lee, and the booking has largely gone to shit since then.

I enjoy AEW, but even then, I can find reasons to not watch. Don't think I've watched the last 2-3 weeks.

Had been keeping up with Impact after Slammiversary, but after a couple weeks, that was more because I loved WrestleHouse and because I became an instant Johnny Swinger fan, jack. Not sure I've watched it since WH ended.

7 days ago
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Just remembered that the only thing I was watching weekly was nwa power. Since that stopped I just watch random old stuff. Aew annoys me alot so I see the random YouTube clips

7 days ago
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I've always been a lifelong wwe fan, wwf before and wcw/nwa. That's all I watched. Even into adulthood. I am 32 years old and always have consistently kept up with wwes main storylines.  Always recording smackdowns and raws and ppv on the vhs to the direct TV dvr to now watching online at my own discretion. I've never fallen behind 



The last time I was invested was mania this year. I didnt watch raw the next night and I haven't seen anything other then clips on YouTube and whats shared here on this forum

7 days ago
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I stopped right around 2001 when they brought hogan back & immediately gave him a belt. I changed the channel & haven't watched it since. 

7 days ago
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Occasionally I’ll watch some impact since Anderson and gallows are there. I watch GCW ppvs in Fite but zero wwe and I’ve watched it all my life. Fortunately when the crowd comes back they can only go up from here. Hopefully....

6 days ago
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I stopped in about 07 and started watching again the night edge announced retirement. It was cool to go back an see some of the things I missed.

Hbk vs y2j feud

Both Hbk vs taker

Tna, roh stuff



But super cena, super Batista


and mainly the death of Eddie an chris pushed me away from the sport

6 days ago
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I watch AEW some, the matches are good, but they are still airing a lot of wrestlecrap.

Pro wrestling is trying to do way too much, in and out of the ring.

6 days ago
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Still have the network and watch older stuff once in a while, but haven't watched anything new in a while.

Edited: 6 days ago
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Thunderdome era network specials have been good.

Best thing on NXT in the pandemic era, aside from O'Reilly vs. Balor was probably the Kross interview on the NXT instagram page the night of Takeover 30, lol (it was well over a minute, so it can be found in the section for instagram TV posts on the profile). There was a hell of a ladder match on Takeover 30, for that matter.

I'd recommend the Dominik Mysterio tag match at SummerSlam. You should find it very entertaining if you're at all interested in seeing how he performs.

Bryan and AJ put on a real c-l-a-s-s-i-c on SmackDown for the IC title two nights before Backlash. AJ, Hardy, and Zayn had a great ladder match at the last PPV.

I've greatly enjoyed all the Orange Cassidy stuff on AEW, and the shows where Jericho did commentary.

Other than all that, there hasn't been much worth watching aside from a healthy smattering of various very good but not must see matches.


6 days ago
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Pre covid the only show I really enjoyed watching was Mlw weekly youtube shows.