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An interesting move by a company with a famously aged viewership...


12 days ago
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Perhaps they should just release stuff once a month

12 days ago
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They should release a five star match category and just slip all the dark matches on there to draw Meltzer offisdes.

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What is the point of taking it away??? Them being there was upsetting nobody. Taking them away will upset some people.

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Obviously it’s just making way for a Lana/bobby reality show 

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Hate that this is going away. They had a 6 man match on there from a WCW lucha house show from Waco Tx I went to back in 98 or 99. It was supposed to be aired then but got canned at some point. It was cool to go back and watch a match from that. Had Jericho and Konnan and other bigger luchadors from that WCW era.