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Anyone a subscriber? I got knocked on my arse at the on-demand library they have for 9.99 a month when I was cross-referencing the price of a shoot DVD on eBay.


Almost 600 shoot interviews, many if not most from RF.

That's not counting the 171 Kayfabe Commentaries releases.

All 203 PWG events.

Hundreds each of WXW (acclaimed German company that's booked top indy names for a long time), CZW, and IWA-MS shows.

Compilations of big names in the above mentioned promotions.

Libraries of AAW, Defy, RevPro, PROGRESS, FIP, and Pro Wrestling Revolver.

Dozens of other indies.

Over 20 eps of The Kevin Steen (Owens) Show (great free-flowing conversational shoot interviews).



You can browse the offerings and see trailers without a subscription. I've been really enjoying it since I got it a few days ago.

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Stuff I've watched, mostly interviews of interest to ROH fans:


Gabe's ROH Book of Secrets

Not interesting so much for the "What did Gabe have planned for events of the year following his firing?" But rather for insight into his philosophy of booking and hearing his remarks on various talents and places.


Face off 18: Trading Places

Gabe Sapolsky and his wrestler who succeeded him as ROH booker, Adam Pearce. The most comprehensive interview with Gabe about ROH, and Adam's contribution is very insightful and interesting in its own right. Adam's tremendously eloquent, one of those guys you never get tired of hearing talk. Interesting how Adam's installation as booker was also an apparent move by ownership and other management to now have voices in the booking.


The Kevin Steen Show: Gabe S., Nigel McGuinness, Jimmy Jacobs, Truth Martini, Davey Richards, and 1/2 so far of Matt Hardy.

Great interviews, often straying from wrestling for extended periods, but all very interesting with a ton of laughs. He does questions from fans toward the end, which is always fun. There's one guy who writes/tweets in almost every time to ask if the subject is willing to wrestle New Jack, lol.

Truth was the funniest imo, numerous absolutely hilarious stories. He's most known as a manager in ROH, but was a highly talented Michigan indy wrestler who was put out of the ring at a young age with neck and back injuries. Really impressed me at the first indy show I ever attended, even more than Chris Sabin who I also saw for the first time in the same four-way.


TalkN'ShopAMania (halfway through, a bit slow paced for me, but there's a hilarious skit with Mike Bennett and I'm sure the Boner Yard match will deliver.)


On another note, it seems one of the more popular vids is an over five hour Cornette interview called "The A to Z of Wrestling," which I imagine would be of interest to many here. I'm curious, myself.

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That’s a great deal 

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I’ve gotten it before. I rotate through my wrestling subs. Need to do another month soon. So much good stuff there. Especially with all the Kayfabe commentaries stuff added a few months back.

i love the less than serious wrestling series ones. Best Friends is the most well known, but also Ego’s Amigos and the Excaliber ones and others like that.