Art Vandelay's Pro Wrestling Ground How can NXT be so much better than RAW/Smackdown?

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Only need to fill hour of content?

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Its a pro wrestling show. 

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To expand on that...


Its proud of being a prowrestling show, and its goal is to do that well instead of being sports entertainment.

Wins/losses matter, and the matches mean something

Consistent and meaningful payoffs

Freedom for the talent with promos, character, and matches so they can use their creativity

Real energy, And sponteniety etc. Not manufactured.

 simple Storylines delivered predominately within the ring by the wrestlers themselves instead of convoluted nonsense from talking heads

1 hr show



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It has the ability to only target the marks and can book more like the territories did. The bigger shows have to appeal to a wider audience. 

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Because Vince doesn't watch it.
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1 hour show per week and because Vince doesn't have his hands on it.
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The time is the issue with the hour your left wanting more and it holds your attention.

The longer shows for selling more add time just seem to lead to more filler and even worse feels like less actually happened.

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Vince isn’t involved and everything everyone has already said. Its traditional pro wrestling not up its own arse “sports entertainment “

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Better pacing on NXT. I continue to maintain that the biggest problem with Raw is the pacing. Since it's went to 3 hours, it seems like they've continued to book it with the same number of matches/segments as they would if it was a 2 hour show.
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They don’t give away matches. Big names aren’t over saturated. Promos and packaged pieces are more original and creative. 

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3 words
King of Bros