Art Vandelay's Pro Wrestling Ground If WWE PPV's go to ESPN ...

14 days ago
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I will cancel the Network.


Yeah, it's cool to go back and watch old shows and watch the new content but to not have the new PPV's on there live... I will bail.


This rumored move will likely kill the Network.


I barely am able to fast forward through Raw and Smackdown every week.


Will you cancel the network if the monthly live PPV's are gone?

14 days ago
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I'll be cancelling if the ppvs aren't included.

I dont even watch it mu h anymore and really the ppvs are the only reason I've kept it

14 days ago
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Not if, but when.

14 days ago
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I rarely watch anything but current PPVs/TakeOvers when I have the network, and they're certainly the only reason I order it.


I only have the network 2-3 months a year tops anyway, though, so I'm not that important for them.

11 days ago
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I only have the network for NXT and Rumble