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2/10/20 8:44 PM
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But none more so than what the wwe put out there with Becky and Shayna.  Seriously, that was one of the fakest looking and overall bad angles in all of my 30+ years of watching wrestling.

Just wow.  I can't believe that somehow made the cut to make the show.

2/10/20 8:50 PM
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For that much blood to come so fast, Becky should've been squirting. ...from an artery, that is.


2/10/20 8:53 PM
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Becky is gonna end up in jail for stealing that ambulance. One way to protect her in a title change I guess. The female EMT like "This is so fake." Lol

2/10/20 10:14 PM
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If I may make this the de facto Raw thread, the Matt Hardy and Orton segment was tremendous. What a promo by Matt.

2/10/20 10:20 PM
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Going to have to YouTube that!

2/10/20 10:22 PM
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saw a clip of the bite and it looked really silly. people seem to like it though

2/10/20 11:40 PM
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I guess it's edgier. Seemed unnecessary though. Shayna doesnt need it to get over.

2/11/20 12:41 AM
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Jerry called her a vampire. She may or may not participate in a "Gothic Lifestyle." 

She'll bring back the Brood!!!


One week a month! 

2/11/20 1:00 AM
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It really sucks this is how they are debuting Shayna. She could have debuted mashing people like she did in NXT instead of making her a cannibal for no reason

2/11/20 8:48 AM
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I thought maybe you guys were joking,so I went & found the clip on youtube.'s real.

Shayna instantly went from one of the best women on the roster to "ummm...what?"


2/11/20 9:38 AM
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Doesn't she always wear a mouthpiece?

2/11/20 10:03 AM
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Oh come on, Hogan ramming the ambulance? Braun flipping an ambulance over? Mark Henry and Mae have a baby hand? Wrestling has gone way further than simple theft.

2/11/20 10:27 AM
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jju - 

Doesn't she always wear a mouthpiece?

She made a distinct point of taking it out so she could bite her.

2/11/20 10:33 AM
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The only way this works is to make it a mixed tag match at Mania - Becky & Wis Simms vs Shayna & Mike Kyle.

Vince, make it happen.

2/11/20 9:29 PM
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For everyone who didn't catch that edition of Masterpiece Theater...

Edited: 2/11/20 10:26 PM
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From my experience if you mount from the rear first, then penetrate, the female will roar in pleasure, then give birth to your litter.

2/11/20 10:36 PM
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TheBearStare -

From my experience if you mount from the rear first, then penetrate, the female will roar in pleasure, then give birth to your litter.


2/11/20 10:47 PM
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At least they lit it in black and white so it looks a little more "real"

  The color was horrible