Art Vandelay's Pro Wrestling Ground Jim Ross on Paul Heyman being smartest guy

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"Paul has not played well with others over the years."


"He's amazing. He's a Hall of Fame guy, but sometimes, to be honest with you, his immaturity didn't do him any favors. Sometimes, he can be indignant. He can get frustrated with people's stupidity because he is so much smarter than other people in a lot of ways, but his communication skill set, in that era, wasn't anything to be coveted. He's gotten better over the years. Obviously, he's gotten older. He's got teenage children, and he's maturing. And look, there's nothing wrong with maturing in a later age and is expected in our society."


"I know that (Stephanie McMahon) and Heyman had a lot of philosophical differences, and I'm sure Paul got close to the edge on how far to take the argument before he backed away because he was just hell bent on getting his way. He was very defiant. Not that she wasn't, but she had the right last name. He didn't and that's how it is. It's happened a zillion times in our world. They own the goddamn company. It's not a public trust. They didn't get along to any major degree, but she never came to me and said, nor did she have to or need to, but she and I never had a discussion about Paul being a pain the a**, even though I knew she felt that way."

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This is nothing new

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It had to be hard for Heyman, he is no diplomat and he had to try and work around steph's raw stupidity day in and day out without going all New Yahk on her.