Art Vandelay's Pro Wrestling Ground Jimmy Uso back in the Penitentiary (Florida’s)

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"Jimmy Uso is an independant contractor"

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They fucked themselves this time, I'd say.


How many times can WWE give this guy a pass?

as many as necessary until the rock shows up for the smackdown fox premiere

Or he has one more "Once in a lifetime" match at Mania.

I'd put up with a couple more Usa DUI's if the Rock showed up and hit Becky Lynch with a Rock Bottom.
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Get him in rehab for fucks sake.

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WHEN this guy kills someone... he'll only have 47 Rock relation chances left!

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Wiggy -
AnthonyWeiner - Give him a Naomi a gimmick where he dumps her for a mop, then have him do the job on Main Event to Ryder, Hawkins, EC3, and half of NXT for a year.

Better yet, give both Usos a gimmick where they split up, decide to go after the 24/7 belt, and they're both the only guys on the entire roster that can't get a win on Drake Maverick or R-Truth.

Give them their dads gimmick where they have to run around in a thong putting their butts in each other’s faces. They split up and fued by giving each other and their wife stink faces for six months.