Art Vandelay's Pro Wrestling Ground King of the Ring brackets released

9/9/19 10:22 PM
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lacy is the fucking shit. that is all

9/9/19 11:05 PM
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RKing85 - so Gable is winning this tournament......right?

Out of the three remaining I'd love it if Elias won. I'd understand if Corbin won though, he draws good heat.

I didn't even know Gable was still employed before the kotr started.

King Corbin has a nice ring to it.

9/9/19 11:14 PM
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Nah, someone will get hurt or something an old Triple H will put himself in the finals and win this thing then claim he saved the WWE. 

9/10/19 3:43 AM
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The Destroyer88 -

It'll be ricochet and Andrade in the finals. Nobody remaining on the right side of the bracket besides Andrade has any business being in the finals. Wouldn't complain if Elias made it that far though. 

...ah well, last thing Ricochet needed was a scepter anyways.

9/10/19 11:25 AM
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Corbin is a good worker and has great worked punches.  He has just been packaged like crap.  Maybe King Corbin will work.


9/10/19 11:52 AM
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I agree that Corbin is underrated. He is by no means great, but he is passable in ring and people act like he is the worst fucking wrestler in the history of the business.

This tournament on the whole has been better than I was expecting it to be. Cause we all know how the WWE loves to fuck up tournaments.

9/10/19 2:33 PM
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Corbin is improving, but still not very good. At least he got rid of that stringy, greasy skullet look.

9/10/19 5:04 PM
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Elias out of tonight's match with an ankle injury.

Not sure if legit or storyline. I would assume legit.

9/11/19 12:24 PM
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I guess we wil get King Corbin. 

9/18/19 10:41 AM
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AnthonyWeiner - 
AnthonyWeiner - I'm ready for King Corbin.

Like I told ya.