Art Vandelay's Pro Wrestling Ground Maryland AC investigating AEW

11/29/19 10:01 PM
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Sounds like Chris Cruise is a douchebag stirring shit up to make his own prediction come true.


Sorry about caps, not editing. This site sucks. 

I don't know what he means by that comment, but they have a tv deal on TNT, and beat WWE in ratings on that night. People love it so far. They had their shit together enough to become the #2 US promotion immediately with a tv deal on a major US cable channel.

What do you guys think about this, and what the jackleg said.

11/29/19 10:13 PM
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For fixing fights?

11/29/19 10:29 PM
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Siciliano di Brooklyn - For fixing fights?

Article bro!

Blading during Moxley and Omega. Cruise guy contacted them asking why they allowed the match to continue and why they allowed blood etc.

11/29/19 10:32 PM
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the name sounds familiar but i really don't remember the guy even after looking at his photo


he needs to catch a beating

11/29/19 11:00 PM
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evh -

the name sounds familiar but i really don't remember the guy even after looking at his photo


he needs to catch a beating

Yeaj he definitely does. I wonder if he was out up to this, or just hates AEW or someone involved for some reason. Odd thing to do. He has an obvious disdain for them.

11/29/19 11:08 PM
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Some of those rules are insane and definitely broken in almost every pro wrestling match held in the state. 

11/29/19 11:15 PM
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Sounds like he has a stick up his ass. Why he would even know the rules of that athletic comission is beyond me. Hope they tell him to go kick rocks and worry about something more important.

11/29/19 11:21 PM
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hard to believe something like this is not wwe-driven



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This is %100 WWE driven as was this:

"RIC FLAIR VS. LEX LUGER NWA WORLD TITLE MATCH (1988): Baltimore's first pay-per-view event – The Great American Bash – was headlined by what many thought was going to be the passing of the torch from Flair to Luger, who was one of the hottest young stars in the business. Instead, the match became infamous for its controversial finish. After a good back-and-forth match, Luger got Flair up in his finisher, the Torture Rack. While Flair was in the submission move, an older gentleman came to ringside and got the referee's attention. The referee then called for the bell, and the crowd popped, thinking it had just witnessed a title change. It was announced, however, that Flair was the winner because a Maryland State Athletic Commission official had determined that Luger was bleeding too badly from his forehead to continue. It was an absurd ruling because Luger was not bleeding much at all. Moreover, the Baltimore fans had witnessed numerous bloodbaths over the years that were not stopped. I have always wondered if Luger was supposed to have bled more heavily than he did or if the idea was indeed to have him bleed as little as possible to get over the idea that he was screwed out of the title by a ridiculous call. The inside joke to the finish is that the Maryland State Athletic Commission has always had a reputation for being overbearing in its regulation of pro wrestling."


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Vince also pulled the same shit with states that required actual pro wrestlers to be licensed through state athletic commissions. In the old WWF territory Maryland, Virginia and New York all require licenses. Vince Sr and Jr kept track of who was licensed so if a rival tried bringing in an unlicensed guy they ratted them out. This was back when kayfabe ruled prior to Vince's steroid trial and promoters insisted it was all a legit athletic contest.

11/30/19 8:54 AM
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11/30/19 11:07 AM
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Hogan's old license
11/30/19 2:20 PM
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Thanks for sharing that

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Wrestling being "fake" wasn't as mainstream as some people like to think it was in the old days. Even if there was some expose book from the 30s

11/30/19 3:52 PM
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don't think much of anything will come of this, but still, what a dick.

11/30/19 4:48 PM
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Always wondered what mafia family Vince and his dad are connected to since it seems you'd have to be to be a promoter in the east coast back then. Otherwise it would be old Irish teamster connections I guess.. but still gangster.

11/30/19 10:28 PM
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RKing85 - don't think much of anything will come of this, but still, what a dick.

I don't think anything comes of it either, but it's more of the fact that guy is an asshole. What's his need with AEW or someone there?

12/1/19 10:08 AM
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evh -

the name sounds familiar but i really don't remember the guy even after looking at his photo


he needs to catch a beating

No you need to catch a beating for being a jock sniffer. The wrestlers aren't going to bang you because  just because you know their scent you creepy fucker. Just stop it.