Art Vandelay's Pro Wrestling Ground Money in the Bank official thread

23 days ago
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jujitsujamo -

Just tuned into Raw.  Did they explain what happened to Rey and Alistair?

Rey explained he luckily landed on another roof that was 6 foot down.   As he realized that he didnt fall all the wat to the ground and only 6 ft and that he was still alive he was getting ready to hurry back up.  Then all of a sudden Aleister Black landed right beside him!  They realized they could never make it back up and that the match surely must be over so they just went back to the hotel.

23 days ago
Posts: 26053
QTyp -

My oh my was Mella looking incredible! I think she has taken Alexa's spot as my current fave. However, every time I get a glimpse of Alexa's back dimple piercings, I am instantly in love.

Was the Smackdown tag title match at MITB just a rematch of what was on SD 2 nights prior? Stupid.

I hope Otis keeps the briefcase a while and cashes it in for a championship run. They could do some funny skits were he packs his lunch in it, like an entire turkey.

I'm all in favor of Otis and love the dude.  I cant shake the feeling that this was a throw away MITB though and won't be made a major angle this year...or he will lose it to someone else.