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11/3/14 8:47 PM
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Here are those sample pics of a little arena set-up I threw together in ten minutes just to take these pics. Keep in mind, everything is so cluttered because I had such a small amount of space to work with. This is not anything close to the actual arena I will be building... just a little something I threw together for fun. some new figures pictured, also. Enjoy:


Paul Heyman is explaining to John Cena why he's not a worthy opponent for his client, when suddenly, Batista's music hits!


"The Animal" starts climbing into the ring, while Cena starts going on a rant about how he has no problem going through him, too- when suddenly, Batista walks right up to Cena, and kicks him in the gut!


Batista sets Cena up, while Paul Heyman holds his client at bay...


Batista Bomb to John Cena!


And Batista rolls out of it...


... and confronts "The Beast Incarnate," face-to-face, as Heyman attempts to calm his client.


... CM Punk then enters the fray, and in typical Punk-fashion, proceeds to explain his case as to why he deserves to be afforded a Championship opportunity...

11/3/14 8:53 PM
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Awesome! Phone Post 3.0
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Little things to note from those pictures:

Batista's hair & beard stubble were added by me. That is actually Elite Series 29 Punk, with his newest (and most likely, last ever) headscan, soon to be repainted for a better likeness/accuracy. Notice the difference between this Punk figure and the customized Chicago tights Punk I posted earlier: no Pepsi/Spitfire/Cobra-logo tats. I should have those added tomorrow. That is Brock's Elite Series 30 figure, with an Elite 19 Brock head, and his sponsor's (Jack Links, Case Rocky) logos added to his shorts.


Here is my other Brock Lesnar fix-up, his Elite 19 figure, before:


And, after:

I actually swapped the Elite 19 head with his expressionless Basic headscan. I like this scan the best, and would probably switch others out with this one if I had another Basic Brock baring this head. Anyway, it's amazing to me what a difference a few decals and a head-swap can make. The figure looked dull, and noticeably incomplete to me, before...

11/3/14 9:18 PM
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Uncle Rukus - Awesome! Phone Post 3.0
. Phone Post 3.0
11/4/14 12:07 AM
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Art(Monday Night Instigator) -
Uncle Rukus - Awesome! Phone Post 3.0
. Phone Post 3.0
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11/4/14 2:07 AM
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Good stuff man. Phone Post 3.0
11/4/14 7:40 AM
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Galanis -

Very nice. Did you get the new Sting figure? Starrcade 97 or whatever

Thanks for stopping by my thread, Galanis!

They haven't released that Sting figure yet, it is likely to be a part of the Defining Moments Series, and go for $25 retail. As soon as it becomes available, I will have it pre-ordered, I'm sure, lol. Same thing with that coked-out headscan 80's Hogan. Phone Post 3.0
11/4/14 6:30 PM
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"The Viper" Randy Orton



Toys R Us Exclusive "Best Of Pay Per View" Randy Orton body

Elite Serires 9 Randy Orton arms

FlexForce Series 4 Randy Orton head

Small, backless kneepads


Description: They always make a good attempt at Randy Orton, but somehow, to me, never get it right. Here is a prime example of how the little details make the biggest differences. The heads they put on Randy Orton's Elite figures are too big, in my opion. It takes away from the likeness altogether when the shape and the colors used to add detail are so far off. Which is why I picked up a "FlexForce" Randy Orton just for the head from BigLots for $3, when I saw what a difference there was in likeness. The FlexForce figure was a waste of plastic to me, but that head was a far more accurate portrait of Randy Orton than his latest Elite's headscan was. So, I ended-up swapping it out.


The second problem is, that they give Orton's Elite figures medium-sized kneepads- that are obviously larger than the backless, smaller kneepads he wears in real-life. When you switch these out, in my opinion, the entire figure overall bares a much better resemblence to "The Viper."


11/4/14 6:48 PM
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Awesome! Great job bro! Phone Post 3.0
11/4/14 7:01 PM
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JBL (Wrestling Gear)


Elite Series 21 "Flashback" JBL head, arms, kneepads, jacket, hat

Elite Series 28 "Flashback" Demolition Crush torso & legs

Ringside Collectibles Exclusive Elite Stone Cold Steve Austin knee-brace

Elite Series 11 Big Show boots

Legends Series 3 Mr. Perfect towel


Description: Once again, small details. The "Flashback" figure Mattel released of JBL was a flash-back to a time that I am not sure ever existed... where JBL was slim & chisled. They gave him a torso that was not befitting of an accurate JBL action figure- one that had a ripped six-pack. This torso seemed more fitting for a guy the size of JBL, and the proportions seemed far more accurate, as well. I added the signature knee-brace because I recall him wearing one over the course of his Title Reign on Smackdown. This is merely a fix-up of his Elite 21 figure, redone to be more realistic, at the end of the day. I wanted to make his figure look as close to how he did in his unforgettable match with Eddie Guererro as possible- to try and attempt to recreate some epic moments from that match in an animation.


I also have a commentary/suited-up JBL that I threw together- I'm sure you can see him and his broadcast colleague, "Maggle," seated at the announce position at ringside in the arena pics. Thanks for checking out my thread, as always- and another round of VU's for everyone ;)



11/4/14 7:21 PM
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You're the man RB, the super fan Phone Post 3.0
11/4/14 8:38 PM
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Dude I just want to buy your toys lol. Shit is legit as fuck. Phone Post 3.0
11/4/14 8:41 PM
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Do you collect anything outside of WWE Martell? Phone Post 3.0
11/4/14 8:41 PM
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Dugs95 - You're the man RB, the super fan Phone Post 3.0
Haven't I asked you to stop trolling? Phone Post 3.0
11/4/14 8:54 PM
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Haha, thanks Dugs. To be honest, these are not a very big deal. Some paint here & there and some part-swaps. The Ambrose & Rollins customs I am working on take it to the next level, however- which is why it's taking awhile to put 'em together.

All this other stuff, is just what I do when I pick up a new figure for my collection these days. It's all a matter of looking at it within a creative perception, focusing on the most realistic outcome possible, whenever I get a new set in the mail. I'm already thinking of what I'll be doing with the new Reigns, Rollins, Cesaro, Junkyard Dog, and other figures coming around Christmas time. Lol.

Once I get those arenas and my production area set-up, it's going to be some serious, next-level shit, lol.

After this last near-death car accident, I have a guaranteed year of a little extra spare time.

It's just fun for me, an artistic outlet, and something to do to pass the time. Making animations will test my skills, and if I start a YouTube Channel and begin generating hits with my content, then it will be a whole different ballgame. I'm hoping to be able to start that online custom ring/arena accessory business in the end. Phone Post 3.0
11/4/14 9:54 PM
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Uncle Rukus - Dude I just want to buy your toys lol. Shit is legit as fuck. Phone Post 3.0
Thanks man :) greatly appreciated. Phone Post 3.0
11/4/14 10:11 PM
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Art(Monday Night Instigator) - Do you collect anything outside of WWE Martell? Phone Post 3.0
I'd have to say I started collecting with Hasbro's 3 & 3/4" GI Joes. I also started customizing those figures into wrestlers when I was nine-years-old. I had an entire original roster, with all original characters, gimmicks, and storylines.

I started collecting/customizing with Jakks Pacific's WWF "Titan Tron Live" line in 1999. I stopped collecting around 2002 when I started backyard wrestling, dating, joining the wrestling team at school, and just generally having a lot more going on.

I had kids in '07-'08, and found myself browsing the WWE figure section at Toys R Us. I'd found that they'd switched from Jakks Pacific, to a much larger, billion-dollar, world-famous toy company, Mattel- creator of Hotwheels & Barbie. The new Mattel "Elite Collection" caught my eye, and I ended-up buying the whole first set. I really appreciated the increased realism & attention to detail. Then in 2012, I really got back into it.

Now in 2014, I have amassed over 230 Elite figures, and really just focused the past two years of my spare time to catching-up and building that collection, doing fix-ups and building customs along the way, with much bigger goals in mind.

With the increased spare time I'ved had over the past two years, and certainly now, I find myself with a good amount of time to devote to doing what I find fun and fulfilling as a hobby. I can't even think of anything else I'd want to collect, heh... Phone Post 3.0
11/5/14 3:03 AM
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Great work.
How hard and cost extensive would it be to create some generic crowd figures to use as spectators?
They would probably still need to be certain elite recipes just not as jacked with normal street clothes.
Always a pet peeve of mine when people used the rest of collection as crowd. Phone Post 3.0
11/5/14 10:44 AM
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Rickmeister - Great work.
How hard and cost extensive would it be to create some generic crowd figures to use as spectators?
They would probably still need to be certain elite recipes just not as jacked with normal street clothes.
Always a pet peeve of mine when people used the rest of collection as crowd. Phone Post 3.0
Thanks man.

That has always been a pet-peeve of mine, as well. That, and using VHS tapes as crowd-control barriers, lol.

I have found, through past experiences, that using printout pictures of actual crowds from shows is much more realistic than the "have your whole collection make-up the audience" approach. Also better than the "I'll use Elites for animations, but Basics for audience members" approach, too.

Also, a much better option than "Well, I'll use my old Jakks 'Classic Superstars' collection as my audience!" Good God, that has to be the worst, aesthetically. The Jakks Pacific wrestling figures were around 7" tall, some even as big as 8 & 1/2". Especially their "Deluxe Aggression" line (their collector's series, with the most articulation/detail)... I have a Jakks Pacific Samoa Joe TNA figure, that is bigger & taller than my Mattel Andre The Giant figure (which is to-scale). Jakks just made gigantic figures, that cannot be taken seriously when put up next to a Mattel Elite figure. The difference in quality is too obvious.

It just becomes too much clutter when you use actual figures as audience members. I have thought about it probably fifty different ways... and none of them would work. I know a guy that could probably make me dozens (or hundreds) of different, generic, cloth outfits for audience member figures. But there's no way around the fact that no matter what, they still take away from what's in the ring. Part of the problem is, they stick-out too much, even as a "group of spectators." You see too many individual details for it to ever look like an actual crowd of observers, in my opinion... Phone Post 3.0
11/8/14 12:17 AM
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Gonna post a couple new pics after I finish the ending of WWE Rivalries: Austin vs. McMahon, in a little bit. Stay tuned ;) Phone Post 3.0
11/8/14 2:42 AM
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The artists that have done crowds in their toy art some used figurines but others have used printed dioramas and used photoshop to blur them slightly, you could use pin holes with lights to create camera flashes for finishing move shots too and play about with the photo taking speed.

Create a bit of distance with guard rails and youre nearly there.

Its really shaping up nicely that Edge is spot on Phone Post 3.0
11/8/14 1:54 PM
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"The Eater Of Worlds" Bray Wyatt:



No big deal, but again, what a difference the small Buzzard decals make... this is more of a 'work-in-progress,' as I do plan to paint the fedora black, and maybe add the "MARTYR" design he wore on his shirt for a few matches.


And, inspire by Rivalries on The WWE Network: "The Texas Rattlesnake" Stone Cold Steve Austin:


Just some small adjustments... added his chain, and his more serious, non-smiling Legends Series headscan. I love the detail on the "Smoking Skull" belt.

11/8/14 2:42 PM
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that bray photo is fantastic. doesnt stone cold need red highlights on his knee brace for that phase of his career?
11/8/14 2:53 PM
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So awesome. I still need to go back and read the thread word for word though. Phone Post 3.0
11/8/14 3:24 PM
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Suited, "Authority"-Style Triple H:


Toys R Us Exclusive, Promotional Mail-Away "COO" Triple H body

Toys R Us Exclusive "Big Book" Promotional Wrestlemania Triple H Elite head



Kind of a more complex head-swap. The "COO" Triple H figure came with an older, smaller, smirking ponytail Triple H headscan, that I was not very fond of, anyway. I had to crack the torso slightly and switch-out the peg that holds the head to the torso, so that the figure would actually have a neck (even though, suited-up, his neck does disappear in real life). I do have plans down the road to repaint his hair/beard/eyebrows, the suit black, and add a touch of dry-brushed red to the tie... to transform the figure from just a "COO Triple H" to full-blown "Authority Triple H." So, might as well consider this one a "Before" pic, heh.


"The Game" Triple H (wrestling gear):


Toys R Us Exclusive "Big Book" Promotional Wrestlemania Triple H t-shirt, torso, legs

Basic Battle Packs 21 Triple H arms & head



Another fairly simplistic part-swap. Another work-in-progress. I'm going to repaint the taped wrists (in my opinion the tape covers waaay too much of the forearm the way they painted it) and of course, the hair/eyebrows/beard for a more accurate likeness. Just posting how they're looking so far, like I said, as 'before' pics, so you can see the modifications I've made once I get to them.


before I get to touching-up these figures, though, those Rollins & Ambrose customs are my main focus at the moment. Going to try to finish Seth Rollins tonight, and hopefully also disassemble and correctly build that Ambrose I posted the parts pic for. I have some hair sculpting to do with that perfect Ambrose headscan, too. both of these have potential to be my best work with Mattel figures yet, I can't wait to finish them and have them posted to show you guys. Have a great weekend, another round of VTFU's for my PWF brethren, and thanks again for looking!