10/11/18 5:36 AM
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NXT Champ Tommaso Ciampa opens the show to talk shit about Velveteen Dream, before Dream interrupts.  That's followed by Nikki Cross interrupting, acting crazy, getting on her stomach to use a Mic on the ground, and telling both Dream and Ciampa she knows what they did. She flees up the ramp backwards after messing with Ciampa a bit.


Nikki is going to die on the main roster. The criec just won't get her gimmick.



Keith Lee vs. Kona Reeves

I don't get what people see in Keith Lee.  He's just another Mark Henry.  Kona doing his typical jobbing.



Regal still has no idea who attacked Aleister. Kassius Ohno wants to fight Matt Riddle.  Blah blah blah.  Then Nikki Cross appears and tells KO she knows what he did.  KO looks worried?  Lol



Pete Dunne vs. Adam Cole vs. Ricochet (c)


Holy shit what a match.  This is why I love NXT.  The 3 of them blended their styles well and actually had a shit load of 3 person spots.  Great shit.  Loved the match.


NXT continuing its streak of being the best programming from the WWE.


NEXT WEEK:  War Raiders vs. Undisputed Era, Nikki Cross vs. Bianca Belair.


More Lacey Evans please.


10/11/18 1:47 PM
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Im not a huge Keith Lee fan and have only seen him live once. But he is a ton better than Henry. He's capable of doing more than what WWF will let him, like everyone else. He's also more charismatic. Barely, lol.

10/14/18 9:59 PM
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Hearing Mauro say over and over that the black and yellow brand is the best in sports entertainment makes me worried about the chewing out he might get from Vince. He's not wrong, though.
10/14/18 10:13 PM
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That double superkick during Ricochet's springboard moonsault was a nice touch killed by a bad camera angle