12/5/18 5:14 PM
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12/5/18 9:40 PM
Posts: 21645

Danielson will always get over. Its just a question of how over the wwe will put a cap on

12/5/18 11:49 PM
Posts: 2311

Wonder how a heel Daniel Bryan would do in Seattle he’s loved by the fans here 

12/6/18 4:18 PM
Posts: 14097

His new heel character has been great.  Byron asked him what kind of a message he's sending to his daughter and he responded that he would want his daughter to punch 100's, 1,000's of guys in the groin when she's older.

12/9/18 1:47 PM
Posts: 3541

It's genius, he realises people can't stand preachy vegan assholes and just amped up his own personality 



12/9/18 7:25 PM
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It's refreshing.


I had a hard time wondering how they would turn him heel. He had such support from the crowd that it seemed damn near impossible. Similar to Austin turning on the Rock at WrestleMania 17. I was thinking they were going to do something like that.

12/11/18 2:09 PM
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It’s great. He’s not just vegan.  He’s a PETA vegan who has all of his ‘science’ facts wrong and is telling people how to live.         

12/11/18 2:31 PM
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And he's a heel on Total Bellas so it was easy for him to transition. 

12/17/18 3:50 PM
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Skip to 21min mark.. NEW D Bry is on another level with this promo.. HAHA

Edited: 12/17/18 4:01 PM
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I've been waiting for this since Mania. I was afraid they'd bury him in the stale af Yes! crap forever. It's even better than I thought it would be, sheer brilliance.

1/9/19 1:54 PM
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He fucked up at the concessions this week. 

PETA Vegans are supposed to advocate FOR popcorn, sugar and high fructose corn syrup, NOT attack it. 

1/9/19 5:56 PM
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"Your lives are empty, vacuous, and impotent.. Change it..FICKLE..!" ~New D Bry

1/9/19 11:28 PM
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His new character is great. 

1/10/19 4:26 AM
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CryLikeAGoat - 

His new character is great. 

Yep. Him ranting at the end of Smackdown, wearing that mustard-stained t-shirt and a flannel over it was just perfect. He could be out blocking pig transports on their way to the slaughterhouse.
1/10/19 10:30 AM
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Haha, I also liked how he blamed a fat slob for getting mustard on his shirt. He's killing it. 

1/25/19 6:28 PM
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D-Bry recently said he wants to change the leather strap on the WWE title to something more sustainable and eco-friendly. He also hates fans that water their lawns.

This guy is incredible. He took his Total Bellas character and dialed it up to 11.
1/26/19 12:07 PM
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1/26/19 2:43 PM
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Him shitting on the Rumble burger was gold.

1/26/19 3:51 PM
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RKing85 - 

Him shitting on the Rumble burger was gold.

Rumble Burger sales went from less than 50 to over 350 when he did that interview. Probably far more since.
1/28/19 6:26 PM
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You are all FICKLE..!

1/30/19 10:42 AM
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"The new belt is made from hemp and wood from a naturally fallen oak tree..!" 

It's 100% biodegradable..

1/30/19 11:00 AM
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armbarheelhook - 

"The new belt is made from hemp and wood from a naturally fallen oak tree..!" 

It's 100% biodegradable..