Art Vandelay's Pro Wrestling Ground NjPW New Beginning in Osaka

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First big post Wrestlekingdom  event of the year was this morning.

The entire main card (after the tags) is great IMO , favorite event of the year so far.

Well worth your 9,999 yen this month.

Check out 

Sanada vs Switchblade 

Takahashi vs Lee

Mox vs Suzuki

Naito vs Kenta

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T'was a good show

14 days ago
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Mox vs Suzuki was everything I wanted it to be. They are both insane.

14 days ago
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^Loved that one, all 4 top matches delivered something different.

Most I've enjoyed a NJPW show in a while, perfect one for someone newly interested in following the promotion.

Hiromu vs Ryu was wild too.

Loved White vs Sanada and look forward to seeing where each of them goes at Anniversary show 3/3, NJ Cup opener 3/4.


13 days ago
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Hiromu vs Ryu Lee was probably more insane than Mox Suzuki. I know cringed a few times in match. The dive into Hiromu sitting on the guard rail. Holy shit.

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^yeah man, that one was off the charts.

I usually think it's comical when Meltzer and them talk about guys who should be kept away from one another , for taking too many wild, dangerous risks, that match was truly dangerous, don't need to see that pairing again any time soon.

Awesomeness. Was a relief when it ended.