Art Vandelay's Pro Wrestling Ground No Lucha Underground on Wed thread.

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I'll just go fuck myself.
7/12/18 2:26 PM
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Fuck Univision, they better get El Rey back on Sling asap 

7/12/18 2:52 PM
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Another awesome episode. Pentagon in the crow was amazing.

7/12/18 3:12 PM
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Haven't watched it yet. I do have a link if anyone doesn't. I would just make sure you have all your antivirus and addblock stuff.
7/13/18 3:23 PM
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I never watch it live - it's usually not until a day or two after via Terrarium.

I've been up & down this season...not sure why. Sometimes I really dig it, and other times I'm "meh".

This was a really good episode, IMO. The Cage/Mil match was great, and as joesonshuevos said, Pentagon in the crowd was outstanding. If he was like that the whole time during that part of the taping, could you imagine how nuts you'd have gone sitting next to him?

Speaking of Mil - are we gonna see a Mil / Catrina feud or breakup now that she has a "soul"?

As a random I the only one that thinks it's a bit crazy that a guy that looks like The Mack can do half the shit he does?

As another random aside - how can we find out who is on the roster and who isn't? Like apparently, Dante Fox isn't back this season. Would be interesting to see who else will / won't be back. The LU site wasn't at all up-to-date the last time I looked.

Oh...and so is Mascarita Sagrada dead now?
7/13/18 5:09 PM
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LOL. Where Pentagon was sitting was 2 rows over from where my seats were for episodes 1 and 3. Would have been amazing,

7/13/18 6:50 PM
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Watching now. I do agree it's been more up and down for me too. I'm still enjoying it, just feels like it's missing someting. idk.
7/13/18 7:20 PM
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Good episode. The main event was awesome. Next week should be good too.