Art Vandelay's Pro Wrestling Ground Obsession with weekly ratings

7/10/19 4:38 PM
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This isn't directed at this forum or any user or thread herein, but I have candyasses to cut a promo on.


The weekly ratings are among the most commented stories on wrestling sites week after week, but what is the point of being SO concerned with the number of others watching a show (week in, week out at that!), especially if you're a smark, (thus catering to your tastes is not what draws ratings anyway, though smart writing can do both) and business is fine?


It's as if they're more concerned with what other people watch than they are with what they want to watch, and what sense does that make if they're not getting a check from whatever company? I think it's mostly about using relative ratings (compared to prior times and/or other shows) to argue that their tastes are better business and thus objectively superior, but why should anyone whose tastes do not coincide with the highest potential ratings give a damn what makes others inclined to watch? Further, one can't know if their ideas/vision would do better unless they're being done and doing better (consistently), and to argue such is just to engage in a pointless circle jerk. I think WWE fanatics who relentlessly crap on everyone else's attendance, ratings, frequency of shows, etc. believe that this makes them part of the WWE "winning team" in some way, on top of the "objectively best tastes" thing. If this resembles you, get a life.


The only "job" of the fan is to spend their entertainment and/or wrestling time and money where they think it is best spent. The job of those in the business is to maximize the time and money spent on their company (and themself, as it relates to the talents). I'm not saying there's no place for occasional discussion of changes in popularity, debating the why's and what fors, but to pore and argue over the latest numbers all the time is sick. Life is short, worry about your job and not others'!

7/10/19 5:33 PM
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Listen here rooty poo, why is your candy ass so obsessed with what other candy asses are obsessed with? Let me tell you something, brother—

7/10/19 6:39 PM
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If I could be serious for a moment, I'm trying to help these assclowns and that's the bottom line 'cause Size said so.

7/12/19 10:46 AM
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I follow the ratings because their product has been so deplorable for so long, so there’s a sort of pleasure I take in watching their ratings and attendance tank.

Also, low ratings probably cause Vince to go into a rage. 

7/12/19 10:54 AM
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lol OP - your own points prove exactly why some people pay attention to ratings and you don't even realize it.
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Wiggy - lol OP - your own points prove exactly why some people pay attention to ratings and you don't even realize it.

I understand that I do that in the last paragraph, and that furthermore it is pertinent in light of the perpetual downward ratings slide, drops in live WWE attendance, etc, that is, it may well be a harbinger of bad things to come for them, especially with possibly real competition on the horizon for them.


What I'm saying is that it doesn't warrant a degree of attention and argument as if it's something new every single week. Wrestlinginc posts a million stories a week, yet Raw and SD ratings are always about 10-15th for the week in comment rankings, with 200-300 comments. I know some dead horses get beat around here, but not like an endless fixation on the latest weekly number.

7/13/19 10:51 AM
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WWE is the biggest wrestling promotion in the world. The ratings are a direct correlation to how good/bad the product is doing. Wrestling fans want the product to be good & are frustrated when the product sucks. The poor  ratings support the fans' feelings on the product & there's now hope the business side will understand they need to actually make some changes to keep the fans they have & gain new ones. It almost seemed like the business took the fans for granted for a while & phoned it in.  Investors didn't care because the stock had been doing relatively well. It now seems the shitty product has caught up to the bottom dollar side of things.