Art Vandelay's Pro Wrestling Ground Official Puroresu Thread 2: Electric Boogaloo

10/19/14 8:45 AM
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Dude. I love you. Thank you for posting this. I feel like it would be best to keep updating the OP so the other posts don't get lost in the shuffle?

Have all my VUs forever. Please. Take them. Phone Post 3.0
10/19/14 12:04 PM
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hey, i figured this would be the best place to introduce myself. i've lurked on the ug/og/pwf for a pretty long time now, at least 3 or 4 years and just never felt the need to sign up. but i had to sign up to show my appreciation to grizz and obey for introducing me to puro.

I saw the post about how to watch njpw right before the g1 climax. i immediately fell in love with japanese wrestling. ive always avoided it because of the language barrier, but let me tell anyone that has any doubts, it makes no difference. the wrestlers tell more of a story than any announcer could. So i watched literally all of the g1 tournament and the final. watched most of the destruction events and all of the KoPW event. they are all great!

now besides showing my appreciation, i came here to ask where to go next. i follow Bonski on dailymotion and he's really good about the njpw events but i wanna watch more. i'm not really into the deathmatch stuff so i think ill stay away from bjw and ajpw, but the noah events and wrestle-1 events really intrigue me. Are they as good of quality as njpw?

And one final question. Whats the best way to keep up with ROH. i'm a poor 26 year old the has a mortgage that keeps me house broke so paying for the iPPVs is pretty much out of the question. i follow the weekly shows on tv, but i mean elgin still has the title according the them and he lost it over a month ago.

sorry for the longwinded post i just really felt the need to thank you guys for the entertainment and introducing me to a style of wrestling i never knew existed and would have never given a chance. hopefully i can find a spot to fit in here but either way keep up the good work because more people need to see what these guys are doing.

Thanks :)
10/19/14 12:40 PM
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Welcome aboard sambo!

I'll elaborate on the other companies later when I have more time (Dolphins game starts in 20 minutes), but I'd suggest following 'RealHero" on dailymotion next. He posts most of the bigger companies including Wrestle-1, All Japan, Noah, DDT, and others. In terms of quality compared to New Japan, they are by far the best company in Japan right now. I'd put Dragon Gate and Wrestle-1 in the next group, with DDT, Noah, and All Japan next. I can post some of the better matches from the other companies here later today. I've been meaning to start posting some match of the year candidates anyway since the year is almost over, so stay tuned
10/19/14 1:22 PM
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Thanks grizz I'll do that. I do want to add that i really enjoy the Young bucks. Any fast paced style is much better than the old school slow and grindy style for me. Phone Post 3.0
10/19/14 2:14 PM
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Then drop everything and watch Dragon Gate immediately

Monster Express (Masato Yoshino, Ricochet, Shingo Takagi) vs The Millennials (Eita, Yosuke Santa Maria, Flamita)

Open the Brave Gate Championship: Flamita (C) vs Mr. Quu Quu Tanizaki Naoki Toyonaka Dolphin

Open the Twin Gate Championship: The Millenials (T-Hawk & Eita) vs Team Veteran Returns (Masaaki Mochizuki & Dragon Kid)

10/19/14 3:41 PM
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guess i have some homework. thanks :D
10/19/14 4:37 PM
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I have never watched Dragongate, but I will start now. Also, can we add some PWG? I can't find it anywhere. Phone Post 3.0
10/19/14 6:13 PM
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yoshino is crazy good.
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nyhcloyalty - I have never watched Dragongate, but I will start now. Also, can we add some PWG? I can't find it anywhere.

You can't find it anywhere because PWG is pretty diligent about getting it pulled down from youtube. Maybe we can get an indy thread going for PWG, ROH, etc. We used to have a great indy thread with clips and stuff
10/19/14 6:56 PM
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bruddahoodaman - yoshino is crazy good.

He really, really is. He's consistently great, year in and year out
10/19/14 7:09 PM
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grizz632 -
bruddahoodaman - yoshino is crazy good.

He really, really is. He's consistently great, year in and year out
His speed is unreal Phone Post 3.0
10/19/14 7:24 PM
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there are some awesome wrestling matches posted in this thread!
10/19/14 9:23 PM
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So i watched the second two dg matches you posted and those were pretty awesome. I'm gonna watch the longer one tonight after work.

I'm also really excited about the new Japan tag tournament. Should be epic Phone Post 3.0
10/19/14 9:53 PM
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Glad you liked it, here's more DG goodness. I absolutely love the Millenials, and T-Hawk and Eita have become one of the best tag teams in the world over the last year. Here's another good match of theirs, against Yoshino and Uhaa Nation

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One more match before I call it a night. This one is for the people that think Big Japan is nothing but deathmatches and "garbage wrestling". They have a really good "Strong" division as well, and this was my favorite strong title match from 2013, champion Daisuke Sekimoto defends against Shinobu. Shinobu came in a massive underdog and put on the match of his life in this one

Bonus trivia: Extra cool points and a shiny vote up goes to the first person who can correctly identify the large gaijin sitting in the second row. You get a glimpse during Sekimoto's entrance, and again around 5:17 when Shinobu takes a powder outside the ring (left side of the screen). He's kind of a big deal, so someone should know who he is
10/20/14 12:28 PM
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The Monster Express vs Millenials six man(ish?) tag match was fun. That is how you use a gimmick but still put on good matches. That one was probably my favorite out of the first three grizz posted.

Is there an article explaining storyline and general background on DG, like there was for NJPW when g1 came around this year? That really helped keep up with who's who and what they were doing.
10/20/14 1:13 PM
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i didnt see any large gaijin sitting in the audience!
10/20/14 1:49 PM
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Get your eyes checked brother. To the left of the screen when Sekimoto enters, and to the left when Shinobu rolls out of the ring. He's there and larger than life Phone Post 3.0
10/20/14 2:33 PM
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Scott Levy
10/20/14 3:10 PM
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Lol! No, not Scotty Flamingo. Much cooler tham that Phone Post 3.0
10/20/14 3:29 PM
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grizz632 - Lol! No, not Scotty Flamingo. Much cooler tham that Phone Post 3.0

My first guess was Callihan but my computer shows a lot of these videos as if they were minecraft
10/20/14 3:53 PM
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Well, I'll vote you two up for trying and end the suspense

It's me :) Phone Post 3.0
10/20/14 3:59 PM
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grizz632 - Well, I'll vote you two up for trying and end the suspense

It's me :) Phone Post 3.0

That's cool!
10/20/14 4:04 PM
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That was one of two shows I got to on my last trip. I saw that BJW show and a Noah show, both at Korakuen Hall Phone Post 3.0
10/20/14 4:06 PM
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What type of shirt were you wearing? I thought it was a Raven shirt which led me to the Levy guess over Callihan