Art Vandelay's Pro Wrestling Ground Official Steve Austin Show thread

5/28/14 11:10 AM
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Vader part one was great, nice build for part 2. He must have been a scary motherfucker when he was young!

Pipers Pit has been a bit hit and miss for me so far but the one with Chavo was great as they clearly have a great relationship Phone Post 3.0
5/29/14 7:21 PM
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I Love that Big Van Vader was such a scary badass and it turns out he's from Compton. Phone Post 3.0
6/5/14 3:17 PM
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Part 2 of Vader was great. He talks about putting his thumb in Sid's scissor wound and saving his life. Vader says Sid would have bled out in ten minutes the way he was bleeding.
6/5/14 3:42 PM
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JJitsu - I Love that Big Van Vader was such a scary badass and it turns out he's from Compton. Phone Post 3.0
He should have used Straight Outta Compton at house shows Phone Post 3.0
6/5/14 5:23 PM
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I can just imagine Vader wearing his mask with a LA Kings hat and Loc sunglasses Phone Post 3.0
7/3/14 12:39 PM
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I emailed the show and recommended Steve has UFC fighter Tom Lawlor as a guest. Everyone should do the same.
7/3/14 2:46 PM
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Vince Russo episodes were great

7/3/14 5:26 PM
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OK so I listen to every one of the rasslin podcasts at work. Here are some of my recommendations for good ones I've listened to lately, they tend to all get similar with shit talking modern wrestling, the booking and wondering WTF happened to rules and oldschool heels... but Vince McMahon is a genius of course, they won't go near shit talking him even though you can tell they all want to:

Jim Cornette Experience:
Kevin Sullivan is a great one.

Chris Jericho:
Edge and Paul Heyman
AJ Styles, talkin shit about TNA
Drew McIntyre if you wanna has a sad

Chavo Guerrero jr. is good if you like history of rasslin, the one with Graf artist Risk is a decent one to if you know who he is. Rest of his stuff is tough to get through a lot of times because he's so spaced out. The one on his old podcast with Gene Lebell is awesome.

All his podcasts are OK he just sounds drunk and shit talks modern wrestling and the lack of rules all day... but worked for 20 years for the main guy who got rid of all the rules he misses. But will then talk shit about fans who have been asking the same question for 20 years WTF...

Art of Wrestling
Rip Rogers was entertaining.
Dave Marquez is interesting insight into the TV biz

Steve Austin:
Christopher Daniels awkwardly defends all the high spots modern ROH wrestlers do while Steve shits on it.
Vince Russo, its good to hear his side of stuff even though he's seems wrong on a few things.
Court Bauer has some good Gary Hart stories. Phone Post 3.0
7/3/14 10:57 PM
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I am a fan of russo now

Before i always hated on him and blamed him for this and that but now after hearing what he had to say, he makes alot of sense and i respect the hell outta him

The way he choked up an cried when he an austin were talking about owen really got to me Phone Post 3.0
7/3/14 11:16 PM
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JR is an interesting guy... He shits on fans who act like marks with his condescending "it's a show, give me a break" routine, but then says he hates things like the 10 punches on the turnbuckle because it "exposes the business." So, JR can be a mark, but the fans can't?
7/22/14 2:59 PM
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WTF is Ken Shamrock totally full of shit or is he really getting stabbed and a gang fighting arsonist at 10?

7/22/14 3:43 PM
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I enjoyed the shamrock interview. He was more like able than I expected. Of course it could have just been a show Phone Post 3.0
7/22/14 8:03 PM
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The shamrock cast was some heavy stuff. I kept trying to determine if all of it was truth or not, but I didn't live his life so I will take it as it is. With that said, I couldn't turn it off. Phone Post 3.0
7/29/14 10:35 AM
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Holy shit Buzz Sawyer was murdered?! Love the this Shamrock part 2 one

7/29/14 12:32 PM
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Seriously WTF 2 part episode and he doesn't ask about the time the Nasty Boys jumped him?!

Thats Busch League Steve Phone Post 3.0
12/4/14 1:42 AM
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Just listened to the Bray Wyatt podcasts. The guy is either kayfaben or is one goofy bastard. Worth a listen. Bob Holly on JR's is good too.
12/4/14 9:47 AM
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RoyMunson - Just listened to the Bray Wyatt podcasts. The guy is either kayfaben or is one goofy bastard. Worth a listen. Bob Holly on JR's is good too.
I'm about to catch up with that and Lance Russell part 2 on Cornettes. Seemed like Austin was just doing a bunch of Q&A ones for a while before Wyatt and McMahaon. Phone Post 3.0
1/27/15 11:00 AM
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He broke down the Royal Rumble with Wade Keller yesterday. Best part about it is Keller saying its not the internet fans but the regular fans that they've trained to voice their opinion that were booing. HA! Take that all you whiny parents