Art Vandelay's Pro Wrestling Ground Pics u wish u had never see (Brian Knobbs a-hole)

8/19/19 6:19 PM
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And damn what a hole it is.  You have to see that thing to believe it 

8/19/19 6:55 PM
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8/19/19 8:53 PM
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Yeah I had almost scrubbed that from my brain. Almost.

8/19/19 11:12 PM
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Well what the fuck. I searched it. 


Yowie wowie. 

8/19/19 11:18 PM
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Well?  Where the fuck is the goddamn picture?

Edited: 8/19/19 11:41 PM
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jju -

Well?  Where the fuck is the goddamn picture?

Clock the view button from new Jack's twitter.  Its hidden and not viewable unless clicked sp no rules broken.  I warn you though, you can't look away


Actually it does go direct to pic lo .  Add a 4 to the end of the above address and you'll get there

8/19/19 11:42 PM
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Why does a photo of his asshole exist?

8/20/19 9:35 AM
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TheBearStare -

Why does a photo of his asshole exist?

He used to send it out quite frequently from what  I’ve read and unfortunately seen.


It’s like a train tunnel.

8/20/19 12:47 PM
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30 days ago
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Jones right nostril - 

From far enough away, I could mistake that pic for Rusev and Lana.
30 days ago
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Jones right nostril -

Why she settle for a Mexican ? 

22 days ago
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Such as nasty fucking slob pig. I wish New Jack would kick his ass or Shamrock. I know him and Hogan were real close. From the looks of that butt hole it looks like they may have been closer than I imagined. He prob likes it up the ass.