Art Vandelay's Pro Wrestling Ground Remember Adam Bomb? Arrested

12 days ago
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12 days ago
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AKA Bryan Clark


12 days ago
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I liked him & Brian Adams as Kronik.

12 days ago
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For a long time I thought Adam bomb was glen Jacobs lol 

12 days ago
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Wiggy - 

I liked him & Brian Adams as Kronik.

Yeah their theme was great.

Kronikkkkkkk dodododdodododo

12 days ago
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It was a damn shame what happened to Kronik in the WWE. One bad match and out the door they went.

9 days ago
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He'll always be Wrath to me. 

9 days ago
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I honestly thought he was dead.  So many dudes from that era died young I just assume guys you never hear from anymore bit it.  

9 days ago
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I remember when Nash booked himself to beat Wrath and Goldberg after they both built up those undefeated streaks. Good Times!

9 days ago
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Wrath was cool in WCW. He had some momentum behind him til Nash squashed it en route to stopping Goldberg's streak.

7 days ago
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The Wrath and Mortis gimmicks were kind of cool visually like Glacier WCW went all out on the costumes and video packages.

I feel sad to say I thought he had passed as well but think I confused him with Crush Bryan Clarke.