Art Vandelay's Pro Wrestling Ground Report:Undisputed Era to be the face of NXT ON USA

26 days ago
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NXT on USA will be a big game changer for the Black & Gold brand.

NXT being perceived as a “developmental system” is a thing of the past, NXT will be treated as main roster brand at this point.

With this transition of becoming a cable network show Triple H has had discussions with other officials on who can carry NXT into this new era of the brand.

“The Undisputed Era” stable of Roderick Strong, Bobby Fish, Kyle O’Reilly and the groups leader Adam Cole will be looked upon by Triple H to be the premier main event attraction once NXT launches on USA.

Undisputed Era are the biggest draws on NXT along with being top merchandise movers. Triple H is fully aware that they are currently the top dogs of the brand. Their brash attitudes along with their cool image perceived by kids, teens and adults alike make them the perfect fit to draw massive eyes on the NXT brand on USA.


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Do u guys think hhh is happy or pissed with nxt's change in status and all the other pros and cons that potentially come with it?

26 days ago
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Dave Meltzer reported in the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that all developmental deals in WWE are expected to be changed to main roster deals once WWE moves NXT to the USA Network starting on September 18.

This should be considered a rumor for now. The belief is that the top NXT talent will have new contracts closer to main roster figures than developmental figures.

For talents just starting, their contracts are between $40,000 and $60,000. WWE is likely to raise their offers for those who work in ROH or top independent stars. 

It should be noted that AEW is offering low six-figures for an easier schedule and a chance to be featured faster.

26 days ago
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NXT is pretty thin up top right now.

For the past 6 months it's been Undisputed Era and Johnny Gargano atop NXT, that's it. They really need to get Riddle and some other up into the top tier fast.
26 days ago
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This could be one of the best things that happened to Undisputed Era, then.

I love UE and didn't want them called up as I think if they ended up on Raw or SD, I think they'd end up dicked around as much as Sanity was...if they even got called up together.

Here, they have a chance.
26 days ago
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RKing85 - NXT is pretty thin up top right now.

For the past 6 months it's been Undisputed Era and Johnny Gargano atop NXT, that's it. They really need to get Riddle and some other up into the top tier fast.

What they need to do is take all the talent they're fucking off with on Raw/SD and send them (back) to NXT.
26 days ago
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NXT still has some great talent but it’s hard to showcase them all every week with just a hour show 


going 2 hours will give them more exposure to elevate such talent 


NXT Top tiger talent 

Undisputed Era

Velveteen Dream 

Johnny Gargano

Tommaso Ciampa

Pete Dunne

Io Shirai

Mia Yim

Shayna Baszler


NXT Talent on the cusp of being top tier talent with more matches & exposure.

Angel Garza

Cameron Grimes (Formerly Trevor Lee in Impact)

Damian Priest (Formerly Punishment Martínez in ROH)

Dexter Lumis (Formerly Samuel Shaw) can beat if top level heel if given the chance

Dominik Dijakovic 

Isaiah Swerve Scott (Formerly Shane Strickland)

Jordan Myles (Formerly ACH)

Keith Lee (His stint in NXT has been completely lackluster hes lacking major charisma likely needs a heel turn)

Killan Dain


Matt Riddle (Tons of charisma but I don’t know if he can get past the mid card once he makes the main roster.)

Bianca Belair

Dakota Kai (Likely to pushed to the moon once she returns from her Torn ACL)

Deonna Purrazzo


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Wiggy -
RKing85 - NXT is pretty thin up top right now.

For the past 6 months it's been Undisputed Era and Johnny Gargano atop NXT, that's it. They really need to get Riddle and some other up into the top tier fast.

What they need to do is take all the talent they're fucking off with on Raw/SD and send them (back) to NXT.

Breezeango are already back there 


War Machine 

Mojo Rawley

Dana Brooke

Apollo Crews

Liv Morgan 


could use use some more exposure on the NXT

26 days ago
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Yeah, I know about Breezedango.

Add Bobby Roode, Chad Gable, Zack Ryder. They could send Revival back for all the bullshit they do / pull with them.

Send Joe back too, considering they never actually really put him over in decent feuds.

They've relegated Sami Zayn to a fucking manager, so send him back. They dropped the Ali story with Nakamura, and they can't seem to pull the trigger on him.

I wouldn't even mind seeing Rey end up there.

Not just Liv Morgan - send the entire Riott Squad since they're only ever jobbed out (though I think they've broken them up?).
26 days ago
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I'm happy for UE, as long as they get $$$ commensurate to their positions in the roster. I realize they don't have much bargaining power since those guys are tiny compared to the avg RAW or SD guy, but still if they bring in the viewers they should get paid.
26 days ago
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As previously reported, the move for NXT to the USA Network is now official, with the debut slated for next month. However, the original rumors stated that FOX Sports 1 was going to be the new broadcast home for NXT. Instead, WWE ultimately decided to pick NXT for a number of reasons, specifically because USA is seen as the more traditional home for wrestling and WWE, along with a broadcast fee payout that could be up to $50 million a year or more. But how does FOX feel about this decision?

Apparently, FOX officials involved with the deal had already informed affiliates that NXT was moving to FS1 before the deal was complete. Of course, McMahon and WWE later made a broadcast deal with USA Network for NXT.

Meltzer read a listener question asking how much Vince McMahon going with USA Network for NXT hurt his standing with FOX. According to Meltzer, FOX officials “went so far as to tell affiliates that they were probably going to have it [NXT].” He added, “And not getting it, yeah, there’s egg on their face to a degree. It’s private egg, you know what I mean? Like they didn’t announce it publicly. But they definitely — It’s not something that they’re probably happy with, but time will tell.”

Even with NXT moving to the USA Network for a live, two-hour broadcast and going head-to-head with AEW, Vince McMahon is keeping his hands off … for now. WWE NXT is expected to remain untouched for the foreseeable future, with Triple H in charge and neither McMahon nor Kevin Dunn getting involved, “as long as ratings are good.” However, it’s Vince’s company and he will likely offer suggestions or directions, but at this time the plan is for him to remain hands off. He’s currently unable to make the time and definitely won’t be able to in January once the XFL launches.


Of course, this could all change if AEW wins the ratings war between the two shows. Any number of things could also change in the meantime, including the use of min roster stars, moving out of Full Sail and other creative changes and outside input.

NXT will debut on the USA Network on Wednesday, September 18. It will expand to two hours. Meanwhile, AEW will debut at the same timeslot on TNT starting Wednesday, October 2nd.

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

25 days ago
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Maybe they'll wise up and get Toni Storm over from WWE Purgatory.
25 days ago
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Also, I'm not watching Adam Cole & The Midget Division over AEW.
25 days ago
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They should bring in the 205 guys and some former NXT guys like others mentioned. Make this the ring work show. It is only a matter of time before Vince ruins it though. Hopefully the XFL will distract him long enough.
25 days ago
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What will happen when NXT starts outperforming and beating Raw and Smackdwon ratings wise?

25 days ago
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Festus -

What will happen when NXT starts outperforming and beating Raw and Smackdwon ratings wise?

vince will tank nxt and boost raws ratings

25 days ago
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NXT won't come close to Raw. SmackDown is a more established brand by a eleventy billion miles, and even when it's the better show, it doesn't get better ratings than Raw.

It also won't outdraw SD, given that it's competing directly with AEW (which will be better) *and* that SD is going to be exposed to a dramatically bigger audience.

The question is if NXT will come commensurately close to SD and if it does, if Fox tries to push Vince's shit in since they're (by some reports) a bit salty at Vince for pulling out of the FS1 deal at the last minute for USA.
25 days ago
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Something else - I watched this week's NXT last night.

Now don't get me wrong - I love NXT. I think it's by FAR the best brand WWE has going.


While I was watching it last night, I found myself mentally comparing it to AEW, Raw, SD, old WCW, even TNA.

I couldn't help but feel like it was...I dunno...second rate.

NOT the in-ring work or the story-lines or announcing.

But the production, the venue, the small crowd, etc.

It came off as a mid-level indy show or a dark match with post-production...if that makes sense.

At one point, I found myself wondering - if I'd only ever watched Raw & SD, then decided to give NXT a chance for the first time and this was what I saw...and I wasn't a hardcore, legit pro-wrestling fan (like pretty much we all are)...would I keep watching?

I'm assuming this kinda thing will be addressed before it goes live on USA, but if they don't do much more than basically transplant what's broadcast on WWE Network to USA and swell it to two hours, ole' Vince could be in for a rude awakening...

...ESPECIALLY after the initial "let's check this shit out because it's new" crowd / buzz dies down AND the viewership has to be split between them & AEW.
25 days ago
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They can't even furnish one watchable show, let alone two, let alone three.


Who the fuck is running this shit?

25 days ago
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UE is awesome. 

20 days ago
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They shoulda left Keith Lee vs Dominik Dijakovic for NXT's tv debut.

What a match.