Art Vandelay's Pro Wrestling Ground Road Warrior Animal passes Away.

9/23/20 8:57 AM
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9/23/20 8:58 AM
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9/23/20 9:04 AM
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Man that is a tough one. RIP Animal.

9/23/20 9:05 AM
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That sucks.   I wonder what happened.  Was he sick or just a massive heart attack or something?

9/23/20 9:16 AM
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Him & Hawk are now together up in heaven giving the Doomsday Device to everyone in sight.

9/23/20 9:40 AM
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Wiggy -

Him & Hawk are now together up in heaven giving the Doomsday Device to everyone in sight.

Fuckin A! He just got the hot tag and is a house of fire clearing the ring. 

9/23/20 9:58 AM
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I grew up with the Road Warriors - always was a fan. My Dad worked with Hawks brother and I got to go back stage several times when they were in for house shows in Minneapolis. 


He and Hawk, couldn't have been nicer to me. Ultimate Warrior did a six man tag with them one night and I got to meet him too.  Great memories. 

No question Hawk and Animal are back together today. "What A Rush"....thanks for everything fellas in my book an all time great tag team. 

RIP Joe - my condolences to the Laurinaitis family and all LOD/Road Warrior fans. 


9/23/20 10:15 AM
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My favorites as a kid. You can talk all you want about work rate or whatever. Any kid from that era knows why it was called a Road Warrior pop




9/23/20 10:55 AM
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A bit surprised because it always seemed like he was in good health.

9/23/20 11:50 AM
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All the jobber tag teams in the afterlife have just left the building the Road Warriors are together again. RIP Animal
9/23/20 12:40 PM
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RIP. Can't have a conversation about tag teams and not mention the road warriors.

9/23/20 1:11 PM
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Also a bit shocked. He seemed to be in good health. RIP

9/23/20 1:22 PM
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Sad.  Those two embodied my definition of what wrestlers should be - big, bad, dominant ass kickers. 

9/23/20 3:37 PM
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RIP big man! 

9/23/20 4:22 PM
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I miss the days when wrestling had a defined tag team division. The Road Warriors were always my favorite. Their resume of accomplishments will never be matched. This one hits hard. RIP big man.

9/23/20 5:44 PM
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These guys. Didn't know if I was more awestruck or scared shitless of them as a kid. 



9/25/20 12:07 PM
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Still no news on cause of death?  Assuming heart attack but just curious.

9/25/20 3:32 PM
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Assume heart attack too.

9/25/20 5:54 PM
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9/25/20 6:27 PM
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fryabusa -

Wow.   Thats good

9/25/20 6:58 PM
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jujitsujamo -

Still no news on cause of death?  Assuming heart attack but just curious.

Yeah the way they said there would be a second announcememt made me wonder if it was suicide. Hope thats not the case. He always seemed in good space in interviews and such

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I read natural causes on TMZ.

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Damn! These action figure pics are making it dusty in here...

24 days ago
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Thank you for all the years of entertainment!