Art Vandelay's Pro Wrestling Ground Road Warriors or Legion of Doom?

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Beezulbubba - LOD was a stable around 83 in Georgia managed by Paul Ellering, the Road Warriors were part of it, as were Jake the Snake and King Kong Bundy. I feel like I'm missing someone else though.

Matt Bourne, Iron Sheik and I too forgot who else.

Arn Anderson

Oh and I think very briefly Abdullah the Butcher was a member. My memory of early 80s wrestling isn't what it used to be but I do remember Abdullah and Sheik attacking Ole.

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Mr Karate - Jim Crockett Promotions/WCW called them by both. They would frequently introduce them as the Legion Of Doom, The Road Warriors.

Wasn't Legion of Doom created in the WWF? Why would they be called that under Crockett?

LOD was originally a stable they had with with Jake the Snake and Kevin Sullivan iirc. Hawk and Animal own the rights to both names so once the stable disbanded they kept using both names.
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Siciliano di Brooklyn - 

I grew up with the WWF, they didn't air NWA in NYC. So the first time I ever heard of them and saw them it was as the Legion of Doom.

CBS Ch2. Used to show them on weekends at midnight iirc.
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Road Warriors

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I will NEVER refer to them as anything but the Road Warriors.

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Load Woe ree yas 



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Road Warriors and Iron Man Black Sabbbath 

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Being a WWE kid, Legion of Doom for me

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Road Warriors and Iron Man Black Sabbbath 

You're goddamn right!

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Road Warriors
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Road Warriors
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Philanderer - A little trivia- Everyone on the SS '90 Warriors team was previously called "Warrior" before going to WWF: The Dingo Warrior, The Modern Day Warrior, the Road Warriors.

They are also all dead.

Shit, I did not know animal had died. Gutted.