Art Vandelay's Pro Wrestling Ground So... my nostalgia run is officially over.

11/23/19 8:54 PM
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For the last few years my kids were pretty into WWE and for me it was a chance to relive a small part of childhood with them. Took them to quite a few live shows and even a PPV. I saw this day coming... my daughter got bored with it within months. Then my youngest son... he'd watch with us, but just wasn't that into it. Now, officially, my oldest is done with it as well. He was the one into it the most. It was about the only thing he was into for a solid 4 years and easily his favorite thing for the last 6. It was about the only toys he played with. So he just boxed up several hundred, maybe close to a thousand dollars worth of WWE toys into some totes and told me I could cancel WWE network since he hasn't watched it in a few months. I checked Hulu and saw he hasn't even watched a Smackdown or Raw since October. 

So when my daughter asked about Disney+ I went ahead and dropped one in favor of the other. 

I mostly used this sub just to keep up on current news and rumors to be able to talk to him about shit and connect... so, yea. See ya guys around.

11/23/19 9:10 PM
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a) that sucks
b) are any of those figure the Mattel retro ones that you would be interested in selling?

11/24/19 10:27 AM
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RKing85 - a) that sucks
b) are any of those figure the Mattel retro ones that you would be interested in selling?

I don't think he i quite ready to sell them yet. I tried to get him to downsize his collection a few times with the hook that he could spend the money on whatever he wants and he refused. If you can show me a pic of specific figures you are looking for I can show him and ask if he has them and if he'd let those go.

He seriously has an overwhelming amount. It is all he asked for for birthdays and christmas for years. He spent allowances and change he'd save up at flew markets on figures he didn't find in stores. He might be in the neighborhood of 200 figures now, possibly over. I honestly haven't seen them all at one time as he has them sorted into totes and bins by which he likes the most. I had him sort them a while ago because my wife thought if he saw a box of them he didn't ever use he'd sell them but that didn't work lol.

I don't know what the mattel retro are.. but his are all to the scale of what is popular now. None of the old giant rubber ones I had as a kid and none of the 90's short plastic spring loaded ones. Everything in the current scale he has a fuckload of, but they are all heavily played with.

11/24/19 10:39 AM
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In the same boat. Got back into it when my 7 year old was about 4 and now he is meh on it. I do still have a 4 yo that loves AJ so I have a few more months maybe a year but I can see this day coming. 

12/26/19 7:31 PM
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My daughter and nephew aren't into it anymore either, but I think I could get my nephew back into it.... my daughter is 13, she's into makeup and boys now unfortunately 

1/6/20 3:14 PM
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There are ebbs and flows to fandom. Eventually wrestling will be cool again when they realize their fanbase isn't the demographic they are trying to cater to. Wrestling needs heels to make money and that means you need some people to say and do some vile things to get heat. They can't do that if they will be fired for saying anything triggering. 


Take away the scripted promos and have it in writing that the words and actions of the wrestlers are theirs alone and do not reflect the opinion of the organization. 


Anytime the vocal minority tries to hashtag boycott over something a heel says just point to that phrase and agree that you find Jake Roberts comments on LGBTQ appalling and you hope Sgt. Slaughter can beat some sense into him at Hell in a Cell this weekend available on the WWE Network for 9.99. 


If they don't get back to heels being unlikable pricks that say and do vile things there is no point. All the 450 spinning drivers in the world will become boring if they don't have that

1/9/20 10:08 PM
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