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I like that AEW doesn't ignore the rest of the wrestling business or world.

When you watch WWE, they only acknowledge what happens inside of their own "universe", as it were. On *rare* occasion, you'll hear a comment about how someone did something "in Japan". And I think I've heard the IWGP mentioned once.

AEW doesn't really do that.

Now, it does depend on the person. As I talked about in another thread, if they bring someone in and they're a whole new character or persona, they're not gonna acknowledge their past. Like they're not gonna mention Jon Moxley being in the Shield (because Jon Moxley wasn't) or Brodie Lee being in the Wyatt Family (because Brodie Lee wasn't) or whatever.

But if you hear them talk about Matt Hardy, they'll say how he had great matches with his brother Jeff and Edge & Christian and the Dudleys. In this most recent episode, they brought up the tragic passing of Shad Gaspard and how he was partners with JTG in a tag team called Cryme Tyme. And they're always referencing other indy feds, Japan, AAA, etc.

Goes to legends & the past, too. Obviously, Dusty is gonna always be mentioned because of the obvious tie-in. Possibly Flair and maybe even Ole due to the tie-ins with Arn & Tully. But they'll bring up Steamboat or Magnum TA or the Briscoes or whatever.

I didn't really realize this until after watching AEW for a while, but WWE basically wants you to ignore everything outside of WWE or anything WWE now owns (NXT, WCW, ECW, etc). Whereas AEW feels like they realize their fans aren't stupid, know there's more to the business / wrestling world than just AEW, and don't try to "hide" (for lack of a better word) it.

Dumb comparison maybe, but it's like if I watch an Angels game and Albert Pujols comes up to bat, the hometown broadcasters are obviously gonna always focus on his current season, time with the Angels, etc. But at the same time, they're not gonna act like he never played for St. Louis.

Feels like AEW sorta does that.
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WWE is all about their brand and not much else. This is why a lot of the performers are terrible and have no charisma. 


I was thinking about this last night while watching Dynamite too. Even the weak PPV build up doesn’t bother me. I’ll watch most of the AEW guys do anything because I find them interesting. 

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