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With their budding romance angle I decided to write some shitty fan fiction. 

Omaha was warm this night, with just enough humidity to raise sweat on the brow.  Mandy and Sonya had gotten back to the hotel after what was a successful house show and were settling in for the night.  Sonya had bought a bottle of wine to celebrate their friendaversery, a nice chardonnay.  The two started sipping and watching tv to unwind after the long day of travel and wrestling.  It didn't take long for their talk to move onto work.  Sonya gave an excitable giggle about their budding romance storyline. 

"How crazy is it we might be the first gay story the WWE tells?"  She says.

Mandy, full of pride for her best friend and now a little tipsy, said "Its amazing!  This couldn't be more exciting!"

Sonya, also now a bit tipsy and feeling emboldened, "It'll be crazy if we have to kiss."

"I guess I hadn't thought of that.  But you know I'm ready to help you get over."

Sonya's brow raised a little at Mandy's openness.  Her heart raced a little as she dared to take the chance.  "Do you think we should practice?  You know, to make sure it looks good on tv?"

Mandy gasped.  But the wine and her professional pride compelled her to say "I think that's a good idea."

Sonya moved over to Mandy's bed, her heart was racing.  She had wanted this for years but never thought it would happen.  Nervously she placed a tentative kiss to Mandy's lips.  They were so soft she almost swooned.

Both of them gave a giggle at the act.  But decided to practice some more.  This kiss was a bit longer.  Mandy was feeling funny.  She wanted to help her friend but she also was not hating this.  It actually made her feel a bit more

Sonya went in again,  her body tingling with anticipation.  Their lips connected and her tongue slipped inside of Mandy's mouth to meet her tongue.  Mandy was initially surprised but felt ok.  Without much thought she started reciprocating the kiss.  This was exciting and different.  They started to to touch one another.  

Sonya felt emboldened and decided fuck it and took off her shirt.  She had changed into her sleeping clothes and had no bra on.  Her breasts were open and bare like her feelings for her friend right now.  Mandy took a breath before deciding to take her shirt off and bare her bosom.  Sonya couldn't resist a layed her mouth upon Mandy's nipples.  Sucking her nipples in a way only a woman would now how. 

Mandy was in a state she had never felt before.  She could feel her flower was in full bloom as her hand went into Sonya's pants.  She could feel magic and knew they'd never be the same again.

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Sonya is on fine lesbo.

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Thanks OP

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