1/27/15 9:36 AM
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True story:  I was doing some googling last night and found out that my newborn son has the same birthday as Arn Anderson.  18 years until he hits his first Spinebuster on WWE Raw.

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Arn Anderson's unreleased DVD "The Best of The Enforcer" is 3 hours of him giving the business to Charlotte Flair

1/28/15 7:01 AM
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A little known fact about Arn Anderson is that he actually won a Royal Rumble, a special dark match Rumble in 1989 in which Anderson came out at #1. Koko B. Ware was #2. Two seconds after the match began, Anderson threw Koko out of the ring, with his parrot jammed up his ass.

Due to a special stipulation, the next competitor would then immediately enter the ring rather than the traditional 2 minute wait. Anderson would proceed to stare at each competitor, who would then eliminate themselves.

Due to amount of time it took the 28 other men to walk to the ring, the whole match took about 7 minutes. Koko B. Ware lasted the longest time in the Rumble against Anderson. 27 other men tied at zero seconds, and the Ultimate Warrior lasted one second, because he had to try twice to throw himself over the top rope, fucking up the spot.
1/28/15 10:04 AM
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Arn Anderson is so bad he sucks his own dick true story Phone Post 3.0
1/28/15 9:22 PM
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Summerslam 1990 and it was in my hometown philly. I was 7 years old and remember my dad help him change a flat on I-95 on our way 2 the show.

We were driving away and remember him holding his hand up at his chest with 4 fingers and always thought he was in a gang. Arn was running late for the show but was the main event and had some time.

He went on to beat Randy Savage for the Title in an epic cage match. Still have the coliseum video in the closet
1/28/15 11:27 PM
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Arn Anderson used to fuck guys like us in prison. Phone Post 3.0
7/13/15 11:38 AM
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One time Arn Anderson handed Lex Luger a back brush to and said you dropped your toothbrush. That's a shoot.
7/14/15 12:53 AM
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Don Brodka - Arn Anderson laughed throughout the entire premier of Schindler's List.
Holy shit this had me rolling! Phone Post 3.0
7/14/15 3:21 AM
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Arn Anderson gives Tom Selleck advice on water usage at his ranch.
7/14/15 3:21 AM
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You know who Bristol Palin's baby-daddy is, right?

Arn Anderson.
7/14/15 8:03 AM
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How many Arn Anderson's does it take to change a light bulb?

None he just beats the room for being black. Phone Post 3.0
7/14/15 8:22 AM
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Arn Anderson left the rear door open on Flight 1549.
7/14/15 8:23 AM
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Everytime I try to train my dog, Arn Anderson shows up and distracts it.
7/14/15 8:24 AM
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Arn Anderson doesn't wave after you let him merge in front of you on the highway.
7/14/15 7:56 PM
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Arn Anderson treats hookers like Hoovers - he kicks them around until they start sucking again.
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Arn Anderson handed me a bag of Lays potato chips, saying "Betcha can't eat just one."

I did, then he spinebustered me, shoved three chips in my mouth and walked away, taking fifty dollars out of my wallet for losing the bet.
7/14/15 9:25 PM
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Arn Anderson tripped the Shockmaster.
7/18/15 2:11 PM
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^Beat to it by 7 pages! lol.
7/18/15 8:36 PM
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Arn Anderson won the breeders cup when his horse, "everyone from California is a faggot" snapped all of the other horses legs. Phone Post 3.0
7/29/15 4:57 AM
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Arn Anderson is a worse father and husband than Chris Benoit Phone Post 3.0
7/31/15 2:37 PM
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Arn scored the Diaz/Condit fight 50-45 for Condit.
7/31/15 6:35 PM
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Arn Anderson makes all the divas wear leggings.
7/31/15 6:40 PM
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Arn's dick broke out of a Ronda Rousey armbar. Phone Post 3.0
7/31/15 9:00 PM
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Arn Anderson banned the Curb Stomp. Phone Post 3.0
8/1/15 7:45 PM
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Arn Anderson took all of Roddy Piper's bubblegum.