Art Vandelay's Pro Wrestling Ground The Rock pumps up Drew McIntyre

24 days ago
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24 days ago
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No he doesnt

24 days ago
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Well stop jobbing him to Roman Reigns every ppv if you want him to have any credibility 

24 days ago
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Too late, he's already been made to look like just another guy on the roster. 

24 days ago
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Good look, good intensity, he has the tools. But yeah they keep jobbing him out and the moment is kind of gone.
24 days ago
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I remember genuinely thinking he could be something big when he first came back and cut that promo on RAW ripping the locker room. How badly they fucked it up with him. 

24 days ago
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I don't think he is all that great on the mic, so I don't see him getting to a Cena/Rock/Austin/Hogan level, but he definitely could be a bigger star. Same issue with Joe, they keep jobbing him in feuds.
23 days ago
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The Rock: "Yo cuz, who should I put over in the press to help you guys out?"

Roman Reigns: "Drew McIntyre. They pretty high on him.."