10/5/19 3:07 PM
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RAW: 2.57 million viewers (up from previous week's 2.21 million viewers)

NXT: 891,000 viewers (down from previous week's 1.01 million viewers)

AEW Dynamite: 1.41 million viewers

SmackDown: 3.87 million viewers (up from previous week's 2.10 million viewers)

10/10/19 4:31 PM
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10/10/19 4:54 PM
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250k, about the drop I was expecting for AEW.

NXT drop was a bit more than what I was expecting.

10/10/19 6:46 PM
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Baseball more than likely had something to do with the drop. A game 5 winner take all is gonna take away from that

10/12/19 12:01 PM
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10/12/19 1:26 PM
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Fox will be on their ass soon 

10/15/19 4:29 PM
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10/15/19 5:56 PM
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Ouch for RAW. That's really bad. I guess the Friday draft took all the steam out of using that gimmick to get an audience.

10/17/19 7:26 PM
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10/17/19 8:34 PM
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About what I was expecting.....before the baseball game got cancelled. As soon as that got postponed, I thought they would be a big higher (maybe an extra 100k) per show.

10/17/19 8:59 PM
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I expect AEW to stick around that number, maybe a little less. As long as they dont start writing some dumb storylines people will keep tuning into the wrestling. 

10/18/19 1:03 AM
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evh - 


The gap closes. AEW are ahead comfortably in the key demo's though. 

I dunno though, going from 1.4 million to 1 million is a drop of around 30% audience in 2 weeks. 

10/18/19 2:28 PM
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How do Raw and SD's key demo numbers compare?  Curious.


Good to see AEW holding strong.  Hopefully they don't dip under 1 milly.

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slight dips against world series game two. shouldnt be an issue next week with the series likely over by then

10/24/19 5:01 PM
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10/24/19 5:24 PM
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nxt doing a little better than aew in terms of overall viewer loss week to week. both shows were only down slightly from last week, so thde numbers might be settling


aew dark is doing much better than nwa powerrr in the long run. aew dark episode two actually has more views than the first episode which has been up a week longer. its about to break 1M. this is surely due to the omega/janela buzz. nwa isnt getting that kind of action and their ceiling looks like 300k views

10/24/19 6:48 PM
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considering they were going up against World Series as well as the first full night of NBA games, those numbers held up better than I was expecting them to.

10/24/19 8:20 PM
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Holy mother of god... LOL

hope u liekd it.


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10/24/19 10:45 PM
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I wouldn't be surprised if NXT is much closer next week. They ended with a really hot angle. Balor's turn is at 1.2M views in less than 24 hours, for what that's worth. 

10/24/19 11:08 PM
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bonersaurus -

I wouldn't be surprised if NXT is much closer next week. They ended with a really hot angle. Balor's turn is at 1.2M views in less than 24 hours, for what that's worth. 

A video of Rusev invading Lana's date with Lashley has the same amount of the views and I dont't think anyone's dying to see that angle though. I'm not sure the correlation between YouTube views on the WWE channel and NXT viewership is all that strong but I guess we'll see next week. If it works, we might see more come guys down to NXT. At the very least, a Finn turn is interesting booking so NXT is responding positively to the competition.

10/25/19 12:46 AM
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social media numbers are such a nothing indicator.

Like Jinder's videos getting 50 gazillion views. Meant jack shit.

10/25/19 5:59 AM
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One intersting thing from the Observer this week, AEW wins the overall demo handily, but NXT has a pretty insane teen girl viewership. 60 percent of NXT's 12-17 audience was female, Meltzer noted, that's pretty much unheard of. 

10/25/19 9:42 AM
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What were the actual demos ratings this week?!

10/25/19 6:34 PM
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The show did a 0.23 in 12-17 (up 15.0 percent), 0.39 in 18-34 (up 34.5 percent), 0.51 in 35-49 (down 13.6 percent) and 0.25 in 50+ (down 24.2 percent). In the 18-49 demo, women were up 22.5 percent for AEW while men were down 4.6 percent.

The audience was 68.9 percent male in 18-49 and 67.6 percent male in 12-17.

10/25/19 6:35 PM
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NXT was also very strong with women as compared to prior episodes.

It did a 0.09 in 12-17 (down 35.7 percent), 0.13 in 18-34 (down 7.1 percent), 0.29 in 35-49 (up 11.5 percent) and 0.33 in 50+ (down 5.7 percent)

So AEW more than doubled NXT in teenagers, tripled them in 18-34 beat NXT by 76 percent in 35-49, but NXT beat AEW by 32 percent over 50.

NXT did 54.8 percent men in 18-49 and 40.8 percent men in 12-17. The latter figure is unheard for a U.S. wrestling show.