Art Vandelay's Pro Wrestling Ground What is with RAW's CAMERA ANGLES???

19 days ago
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I just turned it on for a minute and the cameras are like a crack head is operating the.  They constantly switch and flip angles.


It actually makes the product unwatchable, like it gives you a headache. 


What is this shit? 

19 days ago
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How should movies be shot?

19 days ago
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Its one of the reasons I cant watch anymore. Its annoying. 

19 days ago
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To be fair, Raw was unwatchable LONG before their camera angles got wonky.

19 days ago
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Hahahha “we’re making movies” 

19 days ago
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The piped in crowd is annoying as fuck! 

19 days ago
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I don't understand what the difference is. I haven't watched RAW in forever though.