Art Vandelay's Pro Wrestling Ground Who wins a brawl - Meng vs. Scott Steiner?

9/19/13 5:07 PM
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More Meng and Haku stories!

At the hotel bar of the Omni in Baltimore, a couple fans were either messing with the wrestlers or their girlfriends (I'm not certain which bad idea they went with) and I witnessed Meng put a guy against the wall with a hand on his throat like something out of Road House.

Security was actually circling but not really doing more than watching.

Hacksaw Duggan was in one guy's face but didn't touch him and I don't remember who the third guy was.

I want to say this was summer of 89 after a house show and I'll never forget thinking I was going to see something crazy.

You couldn't tell me wrestlers weren't bad asses after that as I was a kid with no access to sheets, etc.

I believe every single Haku/Meng story after that.

Guy was quick as a cat and his hand was so huge holding that guy up against the wall by his throat. The guys left after that but I feel safe in assuming the worst would have happened. Phone Post
9/23/13 10:07 PM
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In Phone Post 3.0
9/28/13 8:42 AM
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Fit Finlay could beat both
9/28/13 9:36 AM
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omgjoshjames - So who would be the all time baddest man backstage? 1 v 1 who would be the guy who could beat up most others. Andre? Angle? Lesnar? Taker? Meng?

Assuming all in their prime of course
Harley Race Phone Post
Really? I don't know much about Harley Race. Or are you just trying to make a guy look stupid? LOL Phone Post

LOL he was always carrying, pulled a gun more than once.

Old school guys say Harley could fight as well. He was like the one not to be fucked with back in the day . Flair talks about him bitch slapping Giant Baba or someone famous like that for Flair in Japan. Phone Post