Art Vandelay's Pro Wrestling Ground Why did Hulk have a black eye @ WM9?

21 days ago
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Wasn't the rumor that macho man punched him out due to something with Elizabeth? Did the real story ever come out or was that the real story?

21 days ago
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I think it was a sailing accident or something mundane. Bruce prichard covered it on an episode of somethibg to wrestle.

21 days ago
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Jet ski accident was the story

21 days ago
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evh -

Jet ski accident was the story

Hit the water and gave himself a black eye.


Others speculated that Randy punched him out.

21 days ago
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Macho caught the Hulk eying Stephanie, and he wasn't having that shit.

21 days ago
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Hogan had lust in his eyes. Dig it?

20 days ago
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It was Booker T. He came for him,n****.

19 days ago
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NSAC thought it was makeup for part of an angle otherwise they might not have cleared him to perform that night..aloha
19 days ago
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Pfft no, it was a sneak attack earlier in the day by Money Inc.