4/8/13 1:01 AM
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Ever match was to predictable haven't seen it yet but sounds like everybody gave this a low rating. Phone Post 3.0
4/8/13 5:09 AM
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Wasn't great
Wasn't horrible

1. taker/punk
2. HHH/Lesnar
3. Hell no/zig-e big-e

I really enjoyed that tag match, for what was suppose to be just another match, it was so well done. The pace was excellent, and the way they rein-acted the 18 second stunt from last wm Phone Post 3.0
4/8/13 5:41 AM
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NotTheNoobURLooking4 -
Juggernautt - 
Radio Raheem -
Juggernautt - 
Radio Raheem -

Wow what a botch lol 

That wasn't a botch. The table just didn't break. Not his fault. Phone Post


Not to mention he came up about 2 feet short. Now go back to lurking, Nancy. 


Two feet short... he landed on taker square Phone Post

. Phone Post
4/8/13 5:55 AM
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Worst mania ive ever seen. It was predictable and the product is stale now

Rock losing to super Cena was dumb Phone Post
4/8/13 6:08 AM
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It sucks so bad, as a real fan especially, who follows both products (SD/Raw is War!), and even watches a little WNME/SMS every now and then, to see creative and primarily Vincent K. McMahon squander such a talent rich roster. They have arguably the best roster since the Attitude era, and hell you could even argue that from top to bottom it may even be more talent rich than back then, yet they just absolutely squander any opportunity to build real stars. Fandaaaaango going over Jericho was good, but how long until they just say fuck it with Fandango's push and he becomes a jobber to the stars like every other fucking midcarder that gets a little push?


Vince, come the fuck on. Just come. the. fuck. on.

4/8/13 6:36 AM
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I will say that I am being overly bitter, and even though I won't be watching for quite some time, early in the show some very bright spots did occur. 


The Shield has continued to be booked perfectly...except just where the fuck are they going with them?

Even in defeat, Zigs and Big E looked brilliant.

Fandango is going to be a huge fucking star, and you'll either love him or hate him. But even if you hate him, you will respect his ability before too long.


Now of course, what's an o3 post if I don't whine a little more?

Mark Henry going over Rywhack? Perfect. Rywhack getting his "revenge/WM moment" post match? Come. The. Fuck. On. Should've just booked him to go over, you dumb fucking uncreative creative fucks.

How the uncreative creative team fucked up the Del Rio/Swagger build is so far fucking beyond me, I can't even begin to piece it together.


And finally...how fucking long has the team behind the WWE been running shows? You'd think they'd understand pacing and crowd burnout just a bit better. Come. The. Fuck. on.

4/8/13 2:40 PM
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HHH/Brock should clearly have been before Taker and Punk. We all knew HHH was getting that win back. WWE totally blew the whole Brock return. He should have been built up as a completely untouchable destroyer for over a year and then had him face Taker at Mania.

Rock/Cena was horrible. All those finisher kickouts were bad enough, but then to end the match on the same finisher that was just kicked out of 3 times prior was very anti-climactic. At that point they should have had a ref bump, pin reversal, or some greater version of his finisher like the AA of the top rope. The spot with Cena holding on to the ropes should have won the match at that point if they were going to end with a standard finish. We all knew Cena was going to win and would not be turning heel so I can't believe how many of you are shocked. If Rock is sticking around HE should have turned heel since he's way more entertaining that way. I actually fast forward through this PC version of the Rock when he's on Raw. If he's going off to do more movies then the ending was to be expected.

Ziggler not cashing in made NO sense. It's already ridiculous that he's waited this long and been jobbing out consistently. Then you have Swagger lose clean in a match the fans clearly cared little for, and don't even give them a WM moment by spicing things up with Ziggler.

I'm happy for Henry, and I love his character these days, but the ball is being dropped with Ryback. I'm not a fan, but he was being built a particular way and the fans were into it. They kind of killed all of his momentum as of late.

4/8/13 3:04 PM
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I'm finally watching now. Almost halfway in. A couple of thoughts:

1. They cannot possibly get AJ Lee on screen enough. DAMN.
2. Living Colour sounded amazing. Brought that shit.
4/8/13 3:37 PM
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3. JBL sucks on the mic.
4/8/13 4:02 PM
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4. I'd fuck the bejeezus out of that preggo Trish Stratus.

5. LOL @ the crowd booing the shit out of Trump.
4/8/13 4:06 PM
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6. Fucking EVERYBODY hates Cena. Is he going to be like Hogan and wait until he's 57 to turn heel?
4/8/13 4:16 PM
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7. LOL Cena wins the title, crowd shot shows everybody immediately heading for the exits.