David Jacobs' BJJGround Anyone train with Kron?

12/5/18 8:27 AM
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Just wondering if theres anything that surprised you when training with him? Grip strength, speed, flexibility etc. 

12/5/18 10:10 AM
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I heard Shen trained with him and made Kron wear a black belt with a white bar down the middle.
12/5/18 2:07 PM
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Rolled with him several times VERY STRONG and PRECISE with his submissions. Stand up game wasn’t that good but that was years ago. He improved every year I saw him in HUGE leaps.

12/5/18 2:44 PM
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He took down Buchecha nicely, but ya it's his guard that was pure animal.

12/5/18 3:16 PM
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Looking at Kron's pure grappling in no gi, training with Kron I felt like each session was an experience I would not forget. His front-headlock position is very dangerous as it is a path to a very tight guillotine choke. Everything that he does is dangerous. His positioning to setup escapes is a very high level where you feel you are never really in control to how him down with effective pressure.
12/5/18 5:59 PM
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I remember a quote from Rickson, commenting on one particular guillotine technique of Kron’s, basically saying it’s inescapable. 

Well, Rickson said HE couldn't get his head out. Doesn't mean a highly trained blue belt on the UG wouldn't have a chance.
12/5/18 10:24 PM
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I know someone that trained/rolled with him 3 years ago and said he is unbelievable. What made him question everything is that Kron was using what appeared to be old, white belt techniques and just only a very few modern guard stuff and his passing on top was just basic passes with a lot of pressure. He also said as compared to most other Gracie's he had trained with, his style was very aggressive.
12/11/18 5:49 AM
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Never got the chance to roll with him but I took a seminar with him a couple of weeks after getting my black belt around 5 years ago and still use most of what he taught at that seminar!