6/19/19 10:10 AM
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I currently teach an early AM class. The group that attends this is more of our competition guys. I'm looking to keep pushing them and something thats really stuck with this group is "Tabata" style drills that keep the guys moving. An example of one of the warmups we use is a wrestling style drill where one guy starts in turtle and the one on top circles keeping top pressure, every so often I call for a switch where then have to change direction. Just curious from the community what other drills any of you use or have done in this same type of style.

6/19/19 8:58 PM
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I sure do hate Tabatas.  And they sure do work.

Are you looking for solo or partner drills?

6/20/19 3:24 PM
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twinkletoesCT -

I sure do hate Tabatas.  And they sure do work.

Are you looking for solo or partner drills?

Either really but preferably partner.

6/20/19 4:14 PM
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positional sparring, shark tank are always great.


did one the other day where one guy goes for takedowns non stop for one minute never breaking contact, the other guy is just getting up (not actively resisiting the takedown) and gving him different looksb and then switch. after a few rounds dudes were struggling

6/20/19 6:15 PM
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The go all out until you puke mentality is really counterproductive. Research is starting to catch up with the idea that less is actually more. 

Now high intensity has its place, when you are peaking for an event. But the more you can stay out of the glycolytic zone the better.

In bjj its already unavoidable many times. Adding more is a disservice to the athletes.

6/20/19 8:00 PM
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^^^ Also makes a difference where (when) you fit this into the day's training. I sure wouldn't want to go to exhaustion and then try to do precision training.

6/25/19 12:28 PM
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Guard passing

In the pocket with the coach or uke calling out the pass. The goal is not to pass, it's to transition from 1 type of pass to the other, correctly and quickly positioning the ukes body. The next move should be called before the first is completed.

In the pocket with top trying to pass, bottom cannot close just stay in the pocket with no closing the hand or ankles. 

First to score. 

Must score.

Must sub - sub half in