David Jacobs' BJJGround Barnett: BJJ=Gi, For No Gi Catch is the Way to Go

9/19/14 11:22 AM
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because there's a thread were people are saying one is not a legit bb in bjj since they never went through purple,brown,etc.Josh and Paulson never went through those.Paulson was training with Nakamura prior and while training bjj.

have you ever trained in CACC?what's your experience with CACC?

No I have not.... Are you really trying to talk about the legitimacy of their rank now?!!? Paulson started bjj in '86. He was a blue at Rickson's alone for 4 years..He continued training and competing all over the world..He was no part time hobbyist. He spend time at Rigan's. He was evaluated and worked on specifics that Rigan wanted to see improved while training with BBs at his academy.  Then, If someone of the stature of Rigan gives you a BB... You're a f^ckin' BB. I highly doubt Josh just tossed on a gi and the nearest belt which just happened to be black.

Actually that's pretty close to how it happened.

I showed up at for a No-Gi money tournament (The California Classic). As soon as I showed up things started getting foggy as to whether the open was No-Gi as advertised or now potentially Gi. The promoter brings all of us together and decides to have everyone take a vote: No-Gi or Gi. Me and one other raise our hands for No-Gi, the rest basically all look at me and then raise their hands for Gi. Asa Fuller even remarked something along the lines of "Gotta increase my chances. Sorry." My reply to all this was "I don't even own a gi."

So while waiting to figure out what I was going to do because A) I showed up to wrestle and B) I was determined to put on a Gi just to prove a point that with or without out I can beat you. I believ Asa said he would lend me a spare he had in his car (Which was cool of him in my book) but then Sam from BreakPoint comes up and says "Hey! We'll sponsor you. Just take a pic for us." Me, loving the irony at the chance to promote a Gui company could not possibly pass this opportunity up. BreakPoint BTW are great dudes to this very day.

However, not EVER training BJJ (Minus one class with Juliano Prado) I had no rank and no belt...too which I tried to go out there in a white belt. There was absolutely NO WAY there were letting me on the mat without a black belt so Chris Hauter belted me on the spot just to compete. 

After that and just watching me roll with a Gi on against others Erik wanted to promote me as his first black belt. Rigan gave his endorsement and that's how I went from zero to hero in BJJ. I was given a black belt based on competition and ability to wrestle in the gi alone. To me, techniques and principles are easy to grasp and while even with a gi on my style is not usual, after seeing it and competing against BJJ for as long as I have I've pretty well got an understanding of the art.

That photo is of me at the Rigan Machado belting ceremony to get my 2nd degree. Rigan has seem me roll and knows I know my stuff. If I wanted to train people to compete in BJJ I have no doubt I could do with my overall experience on the mats, albeit with my own Catch based philosophies. But still, I keep saying wrestling is wrestling in many ways. Move are moves. The difference is how you use them, where you prioritize, then competition base.

Fact is though I am a CATCH AS CATCH CAN WRESTLER above all else. My philosophies, preferred style of competition, hold base, and game theory are CATCH WRESTLING. That's not me putting down ANYTHING. That's ME believing in what I do and promoting THAT. I have coached athletes that have competed at the Mundials in the gi. I have trained BJJ guys and trained with them. If they don't feel the need to discredit me being a CATCH WRESTLER then why should anyone else?




PS. Our fighters at CSW are based in Catch as well. We don't emphasize BJJ training and we don't do gi. Erik doesn't teach a whole ton of BJJ to people even though he has done it himself. He teached his style Combat Submission Wrestling which is primarily Catch based. There are people that have BJJ in their training background and we don't discourage any of them to discard anything that works for them already either.

Thank you! 

I don't know why people were arguing about what you call someone...cacc/bjj/judoko..Then talking about being a Texan even though you've lived in Fl... or not referring to Rickson as a judoka even though he's trained it extensively....THAT ARGUMENT IS A COMPLETE RED HERRING... I agreed in previous posts that your and Paulson's foundation was catch and that's what you are...(I also know that Rigan trained for years in sambo)... These arguments totally missed the crux of the point I was trying to make. However, the point I was trying to make seems to be a misunderstanding on my part about your background. So I apologize. I had heard that you had extensive training in the gi bjj..I know Paulson himself has years of training. Then I see pics of you wearing a gi with black belt. I was not looking for information to prove a specific point. I was looking for information to know the real story.

I can understand the desire to promote catch given your love of it, but there are many ways of going about it. Given what I said above, I felt that you were totally dismissing an extensive background in bjj in order to promote catch, which would be disrepectful to bjj (or any other martial art) in my opinion. . I was not indiscriminantly being a hater or insecure about anything. Once again....Thank you for coming on here and clarifying this. Given your explanation, I have a very different opinion now.