David Jacobs' BJJGround Danaher takes credit for leglock revolution-fair?

9/28/20 3:04 PM
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Ryan Hall deserves a lot of credit as well for his work with the 50/50. He openly acknowledges that he learned it from Brandon Vera, who learned it from Dean Lister. However he really did take it to another level. The entire approach Danaher took with his guys (focusing on leg locks when they first started in high level competitions because a lot of black belts weren't well versed in them) is what Ryan did earlier in his career. Ny his own admission, he was able to exploit the lack of leg lock knowledge of guys that were better than him and win matches that way. 

9/28/20 3:10 PM
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GB Dave Jr -

We always hear about Eddie being the true brains behind the DDS leg lock stuff, yet he never comes out to confirm that. I imagine because it’s either not true, or because he just doesn’t care. I guess history is always remembered by those who write it. 

Who actually started these rumours though? I've never really heard anyone close to the inner circle confirm this, or give anyone but John most of the credit. This includes Eddie himself in older interviews. And others, including Gordon have flat out denied it.

I mention this every time this comes up, but Shawn Williams goes over some leg lock stuff on the ADCC 2009 DVDs (bonus disc) that is fairly modern in terms of leg locks and credits Danaher for all of it, including the saddle position, the bridging finish, and a bear trap entry very similar to the saddle entry Eddie used most often from butterfly. As far as I know that's before Eddie even started training. 


9/28/20 7:41 PM
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Leglocks have always been highly restricted in BJJ, and until recently, almost all major BJJ players trained gi and no gi. It's only been since the advent of people training no gi exclusively that leglocks have really come into popularity. Danaher's success owes a great deal to being in the right time and place.
9/29/20 7:04 AM
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9/29/20 6:27 PM
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no, you can see osami shibuya and yusuke fuke using a control based leglock game in 1996, scott sonnons saddle series was out well ahead of danaher

he did however attatch that leglock game to some killer grapplers which brought it to prominense