David Jacobs' BJJGround Dave Kama Seminar, 4th degree Rickson Black Belt

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Professor Dave Kama returns to Delaware Jiujitsu in Chadds Ford, PA on Saturday October 20th, from 10am-1pm. This three hour GI seminar with improve your jiujitsu by focusing on the use of leverage, weight and connection to make your jiujitsu more efficient both on the mat and on the street.

Dave is a member of the "jiujitsu dirty dozen" and has trained wirh Master Rickson Gracie for over 30 years, learning not only Rickson's earliest concepts but his most recent innovations as well. Don't miss your chance to learn "invisible jiujitsu" from Rickson's top student.

All gyms welcome. Cost is $75 by advance registration only. Space is limited.

Jay@delawarejiujitsu.com for registration or information

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Never heard of him. 

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i believe kama was around the time of heredia and had been listed on the rickson gracie assoc at the time. although i heard that the strongest american rickson student at that time was mark eccard, but i believe he got his brown under rickson, they had a falling out and he got his black somewhere else. (cleber? morreira? machado?)