David Jacobs' BJJGround Escaping North South, BJJ's Most Miserable Pin

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The north south is a miserable place to be stuck in, especially against someone who just wants to hold the position and not move. Here are some higher percentage ways to get out...

10/11/18 12:21 PM
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Nice instructional as always Stephan. Thanks for posting these.

10/11/18 12:29 PM
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Nice instructional as always Stephan. Thanks for posting these.

Thanks - it was about time that I did this one given how many times I've been asked about this topic!

10/11/18 1:50 PM
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I agree with you about the whale tail motion... and I like to take back.



totally agree with the some of the cross face prevention, but I also try to prevent arm over head too.



One thing that I've been caught in a few times  (by PTA on this forum)  when doing N/S choke is having a sort of a reverse RNC where the vertebrae in the back of your neck is just getting crushed, so you need to tap pretty quick. If you manage to hide your head next to his shoulder you're ok, but if he secures you head early you can get in trouble.

10/11/18 2:03 PM
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I just grab their face and push away, that normally gets the pressure off....dick move?

10/11/18 2:39 PM
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GaspareBJJ - 

I just grab their face and push away, that normally gets the pressure off....dick move?

gotta be careful about fngers in the eyes. I wouldn't smash a training partners nose either. If you get under the jaw or cheekbone, I don't see anything wrong with that. Just gotta be careful not only of that arm getting ripped off or gift wrapped, but I also love pummeling in there for paper cutter chokes.

10/11/18 7:52 PM
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This is similar to judo kami-shiho-gatame pin.  Where the top guy is under the opponets arms, trapping them to the sides and,grabbing the opponets belt and pulling the opponet into you.  The weight should be on the opponents face also which I didn't see on the video unless the opponent is much larger. Then you make adjustments by trapping the arms near the elbow and tripod the legs for example.  Big guys can generate torque so you have to restrict it. 

We had the best ground fighter in class that no one could beat and he would let us get him into your best pin and he could get out.  He would swing his legs like the video shows to gain momentum and escape.  He was the strongest guy pound for pound I have experienced in judo.  .  

10/12/18 6:19 AM
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First 3 minutes of this video shows Kashiwazaki (Japanese language,sorry) how he traps the arms to the body, where to grab the belt (sides),smashes hte facce with his legs and how to spread the legs or tripod to avoid getting rolled,  Another perspective.  I liked this pin when the opponent was slightly bigger than me.  Less chance of  opponent generating momenturm to get out.