David Jacobs' BJJGround Gentleman Jim Corbett vs Kan Inoue 1900-11-7

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^the old frenchman in the Minneapolis journal article sounds like a dirty bastard but this was considered completely normal behaviour at the time

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Ono before the Frisbee match

1905-7-16 Asheville Citizen Times

1905-8-30 Asheville Citizen Times.  This was rematch after Beale had won the first match.

1905-8-30 Washington Post

1907-7-6 Detroit Free Press

1907-7-18 Detroit Free Press


1907-8-12 Detroit Free Press


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The 1928 George Omori match that was a blurb in TIME magazine and picked up by papers around the world. I think the Capoeria guy was named Silveira, and referred to as a "Wild Senegambian".


1928-9-27 Indianapolis News

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1905-3-23 Indianapolis News.

1905-5-3 Minneapolis Journal.  Higashi drawing the color line. Joe Munch sounds not like the Hero we need, but the one we deserve.

1905-5-5 Wilkes Barre Times Leader.  Higashi will kick a negro

1905-7-28 Winston Salem Journal.  The first Beald-Koizumi match.

1906-11-25 Pittsburgh Daily Post.  Capt Cooks head and Yamashita goes hard target

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1905-6-29 Washington Times

1905-11-7 Asheville Citizen Times . Count Koma on the difference between judo and jiu jitsu

1905-12-6 Atlanta Constitution. Koma and Komura demonstrate for the Athletic club.

1905-12-18 Atlanta Constitution. Koma in his prime.

1907-2-14 Elyria Repubican

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1906. Ren-nie's instructors, Tarro Miyake and Yukio Tani wrote an excellent book, "The Game Of Jiu Jitsu" featuring the Bas Rutten neck crank 90 years before Bas invented it.



Download link



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1905-1-15 N.Y Tribune. Yamashita can choke a fool for a straight hour then bring him back to life. Not even the steppa has surpassed the half hour strangle resuscitation.

1905-12-10 Atlanta Constitution. A few more of Count Koma


1905-12-14 Atlanta Constitution


1905-12-16 Atlanta Constitution


1909-4-2 Oakland Tribune. Yokoyama bringing the heat

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1904-12-4 Brooklyn Daily Eagle. Conductors and motormen training to squash obstreperous commuters and Higashi's first academy in NY.


1904-12-23 Harrisburg Daily Independent


1904-12-27 Wilkes Barre Times Leader.   Sharkey vs Higashi and an Algerian bites Jenkins



1905-2-8 The York(Pa)Daily.  Kano jiu jitsu

1905-3-13 Minneapolis Journal

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This is awesome.

The writing is crazy.

I wish you could break it down in smaller chunks.

What is maeda's first name?
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Maeda used several names, Hideyo,Mitsuyo and Essai being the most common, along with his pro wrestling name of Koma.

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1904-9-25 Courier Journal

1905-6-25 Washington Times

1905-6-25 Washington Evening Star

1905-8-18 Brooklyn Daily Eagle . Koma to take on the "Butcher Boy" jr.

1906-10-14 Brooklyn Daily Eagle. I wonder if Kyono is actually Ono.

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1904-8-7 Houston Post. The earliest instance of the correct spelling i've found.


1905-3-31 Harrisburg Daily Independent. Which obviously didn't stick.  Hard to imagine a case of syphilis being a death sentence in our age of antibiotics


1905-4-23 Washington Time. Headlining at the Chase


1905-4-30 Chicago Inter-Ocean. Photos are of "Raku" Uyenshi and student from a magazine article advertising her forthcoming book.


1905-5-19 Wilkes Barre Times Leader. Ono making the papers coast to coast and they pretty much had Gotch covered.

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The source pictures from the above Chicago inter-ocean article

1905-4-4 London Daily Mirror. Raku being choked by a student of his,Miyake and Tani.

1905-8-1 London Worlds work and play.  Excerpt from a book She wrote on jiujitsu.



1905-3-21 Wairarapa Daily Times.  Note Higashi's height and weight. Seems to be an average for the Japanese at the time. It was these giants techniques who relied on strength that Helio refined. And, NEVER, EVER, teach jiujitsu to a wrestler!!!!



1905-4-14 Pacific Commercial Advertiser.  Ono arrives in Hawaii

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1905-2-20 London Daily Mirror. Tarro Miyake offers £1000.(£108,602. in 2014)  to anyone who can defeat him.


1905-5-1. The Cosmopolitan. 


1905-8-1The  London Worlds Work and Play. An excerpt of "Raku" Uyenshis excellent book, "The textbook of Ju Jitsu as Practised in Japan"

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1906-7-26 Barry Dock News, Wales. Raku(Uyenshi) made a fortune meeting all comers on the theater circuit.
Even though He met all comers, a good many of the matches were works. There's only so many people with the balls to get on stage at a moments notice and engage in combat with someone they've never met before, if no one rose to the challenge, a "stick" in the audience working for Raku would take him up and give a very good account of himself before losing. His "matches" with his accomplices in the audience helped put the real marks more at ease and comfortable in challenging Him.


1906-8-6 Richmond Times-Dispatch. Jiujitsu suffers some fallout over the Bull Tipton ultimate warrior press bodyslam at West Point and derision at guard pullers.

1907-9-13 Dover Express. ‎£1000=‎£107,447(2014)

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Ren-nie makes a special delivery right between the post office and mailbox in this colourised photo i stole from the Bartitsu society

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1912 demo with Tarro Miyake as Uke and Tobari as Torre filmed in Paris. Also from the Bartitsu Society

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1904-1-21 NY Tribune. This seems to be the earliest complaint about the spelling

1904-3-5 Cincinnati Enquire.  Yukio Tani, the pocket Hercules


1904-3-13 Washington Times


1904-4-4 Scranton Republican. Judo, or jiu jitsu as it's known in America


1904-9-2 Detroit Free Press

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1904-11-1 Recreation.  Japans victory over Russia fueled the Jiu Jitsu craze


1904-2-9 Brooklyn Daily Eagle

1904-2-17 Oregon Daily Journal


1904-2-24 Chronicle Telegram





1904-12-29 Quincy Daily Journal. Our old friend Higashi and the notorious gendarme Ajax Whitman


1905-6-29 London Daily Mirror. Tarro Miyake wearing a getup similar to the one Ren-nie is wearing in the color picture. Miyake and Tani studied ne-waza under a jiu jitsu master named Handa in Osaka. Both would later join the Kodokan.



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1904-12-26 London Daily Mirror. The Amazing Tani, undefeated on the stage against all comers, puts Miyake over big time.

1905-1-19 Colorado Springs Gazette. People were nuts over tomae nage


1905-1-29 NY Tribune. Higashi advertises his academy as the new jiujitsu to capitalize on the popularity of jiudo. Higashi was a pioneer in the targeting of children as customers, placing ads in the ladies sections of the Daily papers..

1905-1-29 Honolulu Pacific Commercial Advertiser




1905-10-17 . Little lady shows Mr happy hands what it's like. The whole thing sounds like a kayfabe publicity stunt for Higashis Academy since the arresting officer was "Ajax" Whitman, one of his students, and the attacker a prize fighter.

1905-10-17 Quincy Daily Whig

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Man...I would love to print these articles out or find original printings to hang up in our school. Great, I just fell in an Ebay hole!
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which ones, i have the actual sizes i can put in a dropbox

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Oh snap, I'll have to look through them. Can you get PM's?
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think so