David Jacobs' BJJGround Gentleman Jim Corbett vs Kan Inoue 1900-11-7

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1902-3-6 St Louis Post Dispatch. Baptiste shares his extensive knowledge of jiujitsu.


1905-8-11 Wilmington Semi-Weekly Messenger


1905-9-8 Minneapolis Journal


1905 Ren-nie


1905 Yukio Tani

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1905-5-21 Courier Journal.  #5 requires hair parted in the middle for maximum effectiveness


1905-6-6 Leavenworth Times


1905-8-20 Indianapolis Star


1905-9-26 Topeka Daily Capital

1905-10-30 Decatur Herald. Jiu Jitsu football and Tom Jenkins,in all probabillity the originator of the west point ride, is appointed wrestling coach at West Point.

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Old school Maestro Dick Cardinal demonstrates the West Point. Cardinal also coached Larry Owings to the major victory over Gable.

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4 later Phone Post
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1900-10-7 Chicago Inter-Ocean


1902-4-3 Alton Telegraph


1904-1-10 St Louis Republic.


1904-5-21 Palestine Daily Herald


1904-6-26 Pittsburgh Weekly Gazette


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1916-4-23 Washington Herald


1916-4-24 Washington Times. Takuechi willinging to meet anyone at jiujitsu rules



1916-4-24 Washington Times


1916-4-29 Washington Herald


1916-4-29 Washington Times




1916-4-30 Washington Herald


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1911-7-14 Grey River Argus.  I bet the Japanese feller was wishing he'd waited for Helio to perfect the defensive strategy and leverage.

I picture the japanese guy using the "standing stance" as he advances on his foe.



1918-8-23 Wyoming State Tribune. I bet "Mysterious" Jack vs Professor Takahashi was a barn burner



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1905-4-14 Hawaiian Star.  Ono arrives in Hawaii


1905-5-14 L.A Herald


1905-10-31 Ottawa Journal. Ren-nie


1905-11-7 Leavenworth Post



1905-11-8 Wichita Beacon. I worked at a stave mill in high school and saw the same snake situation

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1905-1-20 Indianapolis Star. Titus wasn't buying what Higashi san was selling

1905-3-23 Wilkes Barre Times Leader


1905-9-17 Leavenworth Times



1905-10-15 Cinncinati Enquirer.  Ren-nie and Dubois received worldwide coverage


1905-11-17 Honolulu Evening Bulletin. Yukio Tani contests for the championship of northern england


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1905-1-5 French Broad Hustler. Higashi getting mileage from the Sharkey "incident".



1905-1-20 Winston Salem Journal. The first i've seen of Higashi and Yamashita together. Later the jiudoka would distance themselves from Higashi.


1905-3-8 Lead Daily Call. Columbus vs Hako was widely anticipated


1905-7-21 Wilmington Weekly Star. The first rumblings of Ono vs Frisbee

1905-7-29 Ashville News and Observer. The first Beale match, this one was a bit of a setback for jiudo

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why is it that when I eyeballed the first article I immediately noticed as they used the term Jap? loll Phone Post 3.0
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1905-1-1 Raleigh Morning Post


1905-2-23 Salt Lake Herald. Robinsons opponent


1905-3-21 Wilmington Semi-Weekly Messsenger


1905-4-9 Morning Post.  Among other benefits


1905-11-25 Lima News.  Yamagata fails to throw.

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1905-12-28 Washington Times


1906-1-2 Washington Post


1906-1-4 Washington Post


1906-1-5 Washington Post


1906-1-10 Rochester Democrat and Chronicle.  The author correctly noting that Higashi will be in some trouble with Tani.

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1905-5-4 Salt Lake Truth


1905-8-29 Oakland Tribune.  Hats, home of parasitic baldness causing vermin

1905-12-13 Asheville Citizen Times. Pretty sure Maeda is working for Olsen at this point.


1906-11-25 Detroit Free Press.  Yamashita, the runaway professor.


1906-12-22 Cincinnati Enquirer

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1906-12-30 Washington Post

1907-1-19 Elyria Reporter. Oyama and Ito billed as "REAL" jiujitsu champions in a barb directed at Higashi, whom Swanson had previously defeated.


1907-4-6 Washington Post



1907-8-31 El Paso Herald


1907-10-18 Daily News Democrat. I'd like to know the real story.

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1906-3-2 Oxford Public Ledger. Ren-nie vs Dubois still making news and a few facts about France and garters


1907-10-31 Pittsburgh Daily Post. Potential hires must engage in wrestling match to prove they can handle a prisoner without resorting to a weapon.


1908-5-3 Oakland Tribune


1908-5-8 St Louis Post Dispatch. Don't believe this was Koma as he was in Europe at the time, he was in Cuba in late 1908 and looking for a match with Gotch though.


1909-1-1 N.Y Evening World. Different Matsuda than the famous pro wrestler/jiujitsuka/jiudoka Matty.

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de braco, this post inspired me to buy a bunch of vintage instructional manuals off Ebay and Amazon. They'll be framed and displayed in our new gym! I'll send pics when they come in. Great thread!
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Which ones?

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1896-3-8 N.Y Tribune. Not sure about the "true face" style.


1902-1-5 Chicago Daily Tribune

1902-3-20 Indianapolis News. Teddy inducted into a secret jiu jitsu order


1909-1-10 Pittsburgh Daily Post.  Ren-Nie takes the loss against Padbounoy via toe hold.

1910-2-20 Salt Lake Tribune. Former Olympian and trainer of Lou Thesz, George Tragos,  would found wrestling at M.U a few years later.  Interresting that football was in danger of being replaced by soccer.

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a few old books,

download for the jiu-jitsu book of Spaldings Athletic Library, the 1913 red cover reprint,


1918 Jiu-jitsu,or Jiudo. K. Yamanaka.  Not a bad book



Originally published in 1894, rereleased by Spalding in 1905 as part of their athletic library.




the 1913 Gotch softcover published by fox.



The 1913 hardcover published by Bowles



1904. Jiu-jitsu. The Japanese method of attack and defense. Capt Harry Skinner




1939. Wrestling intercollegiate and Olympic. Henry Stone,Coach, University of California. A very good book showing some unique holds.Keylocks weren't in any of the early jiujitsu manuals.





very good book by the inventor of the Feldenkrais method of Somatic education.










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I got the 1905 blue cover version of Spalding's Jiu Jitsu!

1924 - "The Science of Wrestling and the Art of Jiu Jitsu"

1923 - Spalding's Boxing

1901 - Spalding's Bag Punching

1959 - The Sport of Judo

A cool Russian sambo book from 1972

1937 - Police Jiu Jitsu

I bought a few others but they are of a similar era and look.

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Cool, a few of the original ads for a couple of the ones you purchased,

1905-4-6 N.Y Evening World


1924-2-1 Popular Mechanics



Unrelated to your purchases,

1905-7-8 N.Y Times. This poop doodle sold for $4.50=$120- 2015 dollards.  Higashi could out Rorion, Rorion.

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1905-9-10 Des Moines Register. Aforementioned poop doodle


1909-12-26 St Louis Post Dispatch. These young ladies rustled a few jimmies, i'm sure.


1910-6-24 Portland Morning Oregonian.  Standard Oil had not yet smashed the electrics or steamers


1910-12-20 Lincoln Daily News.  7000+ members of the Kodokan


1913-5-17 Coffeyville Daily Journal. E.J Harrison of the Budokwai with more nomenclature wrangling.  Coffeyville is where the Dalton Gang was shot to pieces attempting to rob two banks simultaneously in broad daylight.

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1892-10-8 The London Mercury.  The Dalton Clusterfuck was worldwide news

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1899-11-12 London Times. Boxing vs Savate


1902-3-22 Boston Post

1904-3-31 Minneapolis Journal


1904-5-11 Vancouver Daily World


1905-3-19 Detroit Free Press