David Jacobs' BJJGround Gentleman Jim Corbett vs Kan Inoue 1900-11-7

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1914-11-18 N.Y Evening World.  A few Miyake clippings


1914-12-3 Allentown Leader


1914-12-15 N.Y Tribune.  This was a pro wrestling match with Miyake doing the honors for the aging Bothner


1914-12-22 Brooklyn Daily Eagle


1915-1-9 Winnipeg Tribune.

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1915-1-17 Pittsburgh Press


1921-1-17 Arizona Republican

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1909-11-11 Seattle Star


1909-11-13 Tacoma Times


1909-11-13 Seattle Star.  Seattle sent for "Crazy" Tim Harrington, the cornish wrestling champion to take Ito down a peg. Cornish wrestlers wear a jacket similar to a Gi top.


1909-11-14 Tacoma Times

1910-1-1 Weekly Mail


1919-3-13 Boise Evening Capitol News. Tarro Miyake still going strong




1923-5-29 London Daily Mirror


1933-12-30 London Daily Mirror


1936-5-5 London Daily Mirror


1937-10-30 London Daily Mirror


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^that chick was the first female gaijin black belt

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1904-9-11 Wilkes Barre News


1905-1-1 Washington Times.  The judo cult, the highest development of jiu jitsu.


1905-1-2 Washington Times


1905-1-3 N.Y Evening World. Higashis old buddy, Sailor Tom Sharkey


1905-1-5 Washington Times.  Army suspects typical Navy screw job.


1905-1-7 N.Y Times.  The ad's better than the book.


1905-1-25 Rochester Democrat and Chronicle.  Racial combat styles


1905-3-31 Rochester Democrat and Chronicle. Tomita and Count Komas tabi draw notice.


1905-4-20 Rochester Democrat and Chronicle.  A blue belt enforcers take on the recent challenge matches


1905-5-24 N.Y Evening World. Little knotheads from Higashis academy.


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1904-6-7 Oshkosh Daily Northwestern


1904-6-20 N.Y Evening World.  Jiujitsu tots were popular


1904-10-18 N.Y Evening World. A few tales of Bothners early experiences with jiujitsu


1904-11-10 Nashville Tennessean. Professor Uchimura with the first Academy in the States and a SC duel.


1904-11-16 Syracuse Post Standard. Jiujitsu at NYU

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1904-11-14.  Caricature of Yukio Tani from the Victoria & Albert Museum with Tani rocking a blue belt.  10,869(2015)

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S.K Uyenishi, wrestling stage name "Raku", from his " Textbook of Ju Jitsu as practised in Japan", reanimated by the Bartitsu Society. I believe Raku joined Tani in 1900 after Tanis brother decided to return to Japan.


1904-2-8 Canterbury Press. Fascinating article on the single stick and touching on the authors jiu jitsu training with Raku and Tani and the mastery of 80 kata or tricks of jiu jitsu. One has to reckon if these 80 tricks were the same as the Ono $750 2 month course.


1905-6-6 Dunedin Evening Star. Raku vs the strongest man in the British armed forces


1905-6-24 New Zealand Herald.  and again vs a highly regarded wrestler of the Royal Horse Guards







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1903-11-14 Auckland Star. The rise of Tani





1904-1-6 New Zealand Herald. Tani challenges the Russian Lion.


1904-6-6 Auckland Star . The first thing they mention is that it's a legit match



1904-6-11 Timaru Herald.  more indepth coverage



1905-2-11 Dunedin Evening Star.  Tani puts Miyake over with the english speaking world

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1905-5-31 Dunedin Evening Star.  Munro manages to stay the limit with Tani.



1905-9-3 Sydney Times.  Miyake mentions studying under Tanabe of Fusen Ryu, Tanabe was also associated with Handa, who Miyake also studied under and says is the supreme teacher of the art of ground wrestling, or newaza. Ironic that the Budokwai, a Major Kodokan school traces their lineage to non Judo sources, Tani, Uyenishi, Miyake among others, and the Gracies profess jiujitsu but trace directly back to the Kodokan.


1905-12-1 Cardiff Evening Express. A couple more on the Tani-Higashi match in Paris


1905-12-2 Cardiff Evening Express. A riot and LOL at Higashi being carried out to be displayed to the rabble as if dead.

1905-12-9 Pontypool Messenger.  Annnnd banned!

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Miyake with Ren-nie at his Paris Academy. I stole this photo from the Defense Dans La Rue site



1905-7-8 Geelong Advertiser.  Miyaki notes the English need hot coffee to "keep their pecker up" on cold mornings


1906-1-20 Cardiff Evening Express.  2194(2015)


1906-2-17 Chesire Observer


1906-9-21 Welsh Coast Pioneer and Review for North Cambria.  Tani breaking arms

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This. Is. Fantastic! Thank you Phone Post 3.0
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^Stranger Danger, poster other than me on thread



1903-10-31 Melbourne Australasian


1904-11-25 Red Bluff Daily News. Free Jiu-Jitsu from the Bee


1904-12-24 L.A Herald. More Higashi vs Sharkey


1904-12-24 Democrat and Chronicle.  Higashi at NYPD


1905-2-12 Rochester Democrat and Chronicle.  Another giant Japanese who relied on strength over technique

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1899-5-6 Alton Evening Telegraph. The beginning of Bartitsu

1899-5-6 Ottawa Journal


1900-10-18 London Times.  Wright having no end of troubles and Capt Webber would have fit right in with the OG.



1900-11-3 Cincinnati Enquirer.  A few more on Gentleman Jim vs Inoue


1900-11-7 Wichita Beacon

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1901-4-10 The Sketch. Tani with jedi duds and body suit man



1901-4-20 The Sphere.  Wright also offered the most up to date medical treatments


1902-3-23 Courier Journal.  More T.R and O'Brien



1905-1-5 Boston Post.  Jiu Jitsu!



1905-3-17 Sydney Morning Herald.  More Tani and Miyaki

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1904-3-16 Sydney Morning Herald.  Yukio Tani appearing at the Tivoli, is reckoned to be the best lightweight Catch-as-catch-can wrestler in England


Tani demonstrates how he got the reputation


1905-3-5 Houston Post. A few more on the Baltimore contest of Hako vs Columbus


1905-3-8 St Louis Post Dispatch


1905-3-9 San Francisco Call

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1905-1-22 St Louis Post Dispatch.  The lead up and match of St Louis wrestler George Baptiste vs Jiujitsu


1905-3-2 St Louis Post Dispatch


1905-3-3 St Louis Post Dispatch


1905-3-17 St Louis Post Dispatch.  Not sure if Suzuki was an actual Yamashita judo student or using the famous name for a bigger payday. He was definitely legit if he could hang with the the guys down at the Business Men's Gym, at the time an elite wrestling camp.


1905-3-19 St Louis Republic

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1904-12-24 NY World . Higashi and heavyweight pugilist Sailor Tom Sharkey


1905-3-11 Galveston Daily News.  Hako having a rough time


1905-3-20 Atlanta Constitution.Picture of Suzuki, who was defeated by Baptiste


1905-3-26 Galveston Daily News. Higashi with challenges and more Columbus over Hako


1905-4-6 New York Times.  Tomita

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1901-8-23 London Times. Tani and Uyenishi at the Bartitsu Academy


1905-5-4 Vancouver Daily World. More on Uyenishi


1907-5-13 St Louis Post Dispatch. Haven't found this result yet


1907-12-7 Pittsburgh Press


1907-12-22 Pittsburgh Press. Mlle Dazie has a Elaine Benes thing going on.

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1909-1-1 N.Y Evening World. Different Matsuda than the famous pro wrestler/jiujitsuka/jiudoka Matty. Revisiting this one to add a picture. This particular "Matsuda" wasn't even Japanese, but an Englishman who had studied under Count Koma in London for a brief period.




 1909-1-9 The Outdoor Life.  The way he's holding the top of his head reminds me of Long Duk Dong, " The Donger needs food!"

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1909-1-8 Brooklyn Daily Eagle.  Another one on the match above.


This is "Matsuda".  I stole this picture from the Bartitsu site



1905-11-3 La Vie au Grand Air .  More on the Ren-Nie vs Dubois match.



A few higher quality pictures


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1905-2-17 Ouray Herald.


1905-3-12 Galveston Daily News.  Hakos training regiment


1905-5-21 Chicago Inter-Ocean


1905-6-28 Dunedin Evening Star.(NZ) More Uyenishi


1905-7-9 Detroit Free Press

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Padoubny wrestles an exhibition in 1906. Ren-Nie would give up 140 pounds and agreed not to wear the gi in their match 2 years later.




1909-1-10 Pittsburgh Daily Post.  Ren-Nie takes the loss against Padbounoy via toe hold.

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British Pathe newsreel clip from 1937 of "World Champion" Yukio Tani and the Budokwai giving a short demo,



And a short of the Budokwai vs Germany in 1938


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1905-4-16 Brooklyn Daily Eagle.  Uyenishis jiu jitsu Girls


1905-6-25 Washington Post. Yamashita demos


1905-8-1 recreation.  Yabe was actually a graduate of Yale


1905-11-13 Boston Daily Globe. Higashi bringing a ringer


1905-11-23 Columbus Weekly Advocate.  These guys. Good grief, this is a perfect example of old vs new leverage, new leverage blue belt enforcers downed silver back gorillas and this guy is punked by a deer.