David Jacobs' BJJGround Gentleman Jim Corbett vs Kan Inoue 1900-11-7

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Gentleman Jim was the first world heavyweight champion under the new queensbury rules, and in fact pretty much invented what we know today as boxing. Corbett introduced defensive footwork and peakaboo glove guards hereunto unheard of. Much like Royce in the early UFC, Corbett was unbeatable for awhile with these "secret" weapons. On the 7th of November,1900 he met Inoue in a NHB match that was billed as an exhibition so a loss wouldn't be counted against either fighters official record. This one's a rare find.


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Here's the 1905 jiu-jitsu vs savate challenge match in Paris in case anyone missed my other thread

Frenchman Ernest Regnier, stage name Professor Ren-nie, was the original blue belt enforcer, having studied jiu jitsu a few summers in London with Yukio Tani, Tarro Miyake and Uyenshi, he began accepting and issuing challenges. He met Georges Dubois, a famed Savateur in combat at Courbevoie. Dubois had unwisely insisted on the match being held on a gravel surface. He later challenged the Greco champion Padoubny who outweighed him by 100lbs and was crushed.

1905-12-15 Fielding Star.


Dubois,left. Ren-nie right


At the Referees instruction of "Come on!", the combatants begin to close

Dubois begins with a low kick which Ren-nie promptly follows back in achieving the clinch and takedown.

Ren-nie finishes in 26 seconds with the juji-gatame arm bar, which the reporter above erroneously describes as a choke, thinking the leg over the head was choking Dubois.

Ren-ie reenacts the finish for a magazine article on the bout



A demonstration at Ren-nie's Ecole de jiu jitsu in Paris for the King of Portugal.

Great article on the early jiu jitsu challenge matches

http://Early Ju-jutsu: The Challenges  by Graham Noble

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My only vote goes to you fine sir
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Ono vs Charles Olsen, 1905-9-15

1905-8-29 Morning Post

1905-9-16 Charlotte Observer

1905-9-16 Morning Post

1905-9-17 Charlotte News and Observer

1905-9-17 Charlotte Observer

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1905-9-22 Morning Post

1905-9-23 Morning Post

1905-9-24 Charlotte Observer

1905-10-1 Morning Post.. This didn't happen since he was teaching and wrestling professionally in both the UK and Brazil later.

1905-10-11 The Morning Post

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1905-10-14 Asheville Citizen Times. Count Koma the mat artist

1905-11-1 Asheville Citizen Times. Count Koma with Ono

1905-11-16 Atlanta Constitution

1905-12-19 Asheville Citizen Time

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1905-1-23 San Francisco Call. Count Koma visits Washington,DC with Tomita and Yamashita. Yamashitas wife gave jiudo lessons to many prominent Washington ladies. Alice is looking pretty good


The Yamashitas,



1905-2-3 NY Tribune.Tomita & Count Koma in NY taking challenges


1905-2-17. Count Koma defeats princeton footballer and wrestler,


1905-9-20 Spokane Press




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you think Gwendolyn sets around all day soaking her hands in Palmolive? Think again, She's takin care of business

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1904-3-13 St Louis Post Dispatch. The style he was studying with O'brien seems to be an old koryu, similar to the style used by the Tokyo riot police. Don't know who the wrestler defeated in San Francisco was, at the time Gotch and Tom Jenkins both were on the west coast. If it had been one of them it would have been front page news.


1904-12-22 Scranton Republican. Maeda at Washington with Yamashita to instruct President Roosevelt. Count Koma seems to be the most highly regarded japanese. "Professor Maeda can break your arm with his unassited big toe"

1905-3-22 Brooklyn Daily Eagle. A flop at Columbia

1905-11-29 Asheville Citizen Times


1905-11-16 Asheville Citizen Times. Olsen says Maeda better than Ono

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Savate vs boxing

1900-1-9 West Gippsland Gazette.

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Higashi vs "Sailor" Tom Sharkey. I believe this was an exhibition sparring act.

1904-12-26 Decatur Herald

1904-12-29 Minneapolis Journal. LOL @ Boston

1905-1-1 Salt Lake Tribune

1905-1-11 L.A Herald.  40 lessons


1905-5-6 Albuquerque Weekly Citizen

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This one deserves its own thread

1905-2-8 Scranton Republican

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I hope filthy takes note and stays safe

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de braco -

This one deserves its own thread

1905-2-8 Scranton Republican

Correspondence course? He was a member of Gracie Online Academy back then?

OMG ITS DOC BROWN Phone Post 3.0
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1915-2-14.  While there's no doubt that Maeda was a Kodokan Jiudoka, Miyake and Tani both claimed to have  studied jiujistu in Osaka under a man named Handa.



1919-10-5 Sunday Morning Star. T.R has impromptu challenge match with the Commisioner of Puerto Rico.

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905-2-21 NY World. Maeda(Count Koma) won his match against the West Point cadet he was up against, 4th dan Tomita had a much harder time with Bull Tipton, who at one point pressed him above his head Ultimate warrior WWF style before slamming him to the mat.



1905-4-2 Richmond Times Dispatch.  Some details on the west point matches. According to Yabe, of correspondence jiu-jitsu school fame, it sounds like Tomita attempted a floating drop throw, weighing 90lbs less than his opponent Tipton, it failed. This would be where the overhead press came from, off Tomita's jump, Tipton probably just lifted him the rest of the way, half the work being done for him already,resulting in a slam heard around the world. And yes, i realize i'm the only one who cares.

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1904-4-18 Alexandria Gazette

1904-4-20 Charlotte News

1904-7-15 Brevard News.


1904-7-16 Wilkes Barre Times Leader. $100(1905)=$2595(2015)


1905-06 Harvard Lampoon. Quite the cranium on the Recorder.

1904-11-26 Nevada State Journal



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1905-3-16 Janesville Daily Gazette



New York Tenshin Shinyo Ryu stylist(some say Hozan ryu) Katsumi Higashi begins by challenging World Heavyweight Boxing Champion Jim Jeffries, eventually settles on catch-as-catch-can wrestler extraodinaire, George Bothner.


1905-3-12 Chicago Inter-Ocean

1905-3-20 Brooklyn Daily Eagle


905-3-27 NY World








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1905-3-10 Courier Journal.  The Baltimore match, Columbus defeats Hako


1905-3-25 NY Evening World. More of the Higashi saga. Rules for the match, guard not counted as pin


1905-4-5 Oakland Tribune


1905-4-5 . O'Brien was one of Bothners trainers for the Higashi match.



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Ono vs Frisbee submission grappling match

1905-7-15 Asheville Citizen Times. $25,950(2014)

1905-7-21 Charlotte Observer. $2595(2014) to anyone who can defeat him.

1905-7-26 Asheville Citizen Times

1905-7-29 Raleigh News and Observer


1905-8-2 Asheville Citizen Times


1905-8-3 Wilmington Messenger

1905-8-4 Weekly Star. Both post $100=$2595(2014) appearance bond.

1905-8-5 Raleigh News and Observer. New Orleans was in gripped in a yellow fever epidemic complete with riots and a quarantine of zombie apocalypse prportions.

1905-8-5 Asheville Citizen Times

1905-8-5 Morning Post


1905-8-6 Raleigh News and Observer

1905-8-7 Elwood Daily Record

1905-8-11 Asheville Citizen Times. Onoly $30=$778(2014) for the 2 month course


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Great stuff! VTFU!

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a few more clippings of the Ren-nie vs Dubois match

1905-11-12 Pittsburgh Daily Post

1905-11-19 Pittsburgh Weekly Gazette

1905-12-10 The Tennessean

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Another submission match from 1905 in Salt Lake City, After a good early run, the competition got much stiffer quickly.

1905-2-27 Salt Lake Tribune

1905-2-27 Salt Lake Tribune

1905-2-28 Salt Lake Herald

1905-2-28 Salt Lake Tribune.

1905-3-10 Minneapolis Journal.  a NY incident