David Jacobs' BJJGround Gordon Ryan will go down as no gi GOAT

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ogjune - 

He is. But in fairness, I don't think anybody really had "No gi GOAT" as a goal until about 4 years ago. All the top guys he competes against were & are doing both the highest level gi and no gi tournaments. I would guess that his competitors are training without the gi about 15-20% of their time at best. In an ADCC year, they probably start training exclusively no gi around June after all the major gi comps are over. It's obvious they're going to be at a significant disadvantage going against him in no gi in the same way they would have a ridiculous advantage against him in a gi match. 

It's not to diminish Gordon because he's as legit as they come and he has a really clean, dominant game. I am just recognizing that there is a shift and a split between Brazilian Jiujitsu and Submission Grappling. It's as different as Judo is from Greco. Neither is better than the other and there is a lot of crossover skills, but it's just different. 


Exactly. The whole idea of a pro no-gi-only circuit is a relatively recent thing.

It's amazing how fast people forget history and think the way it is now is the way it always was.

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rebelyell -


Is he fantastic yes.  But he isnt the GOAT yet. 2 Weight class and 1 open weight doesn't cap a list. MG dominated his generations murderers. Roger did the same so that excuse is mute. Can he maintain the focus and keep winning and cement his place in history? I hope so because itll be fun to watch.  But he still has a ways to go. 

Gordon is the GOAT in no-gi...He openly admits Roger is the GOAT in BJJ. 

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He is an amazing grappler, one of the best ever and maybe even the best, at least if he keeps winning for a few more years. Which I have no doubt he will, but damn I hate some of his antics. 

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no he will not for the simple reason that the no gi movement onto a global stage is really pioneered by the DDS.  So in the years to come we will probably see more players emerge just as dominant if not moreso. 

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I agree about Danaher, but don't you think that over time his work and methods won't even out as they will be adopted by others and it will be harder to stand out and become as dominant as the first greats his systems have produced?

Nogi will continue to develop and the next generations will be better, but it will be harder to stand out. 

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Strangleu -

He crushes Pena next time. Not even close

I think that's a reach. Beat, sure maybe, I would put my money on Gordon. But crush? I don't think anyone "crushes" Pena, aside from maybe a quick-ish footlock MAYBE