David Jacobs' BJJGround Gordon Ryan's collar tie - why so effective?

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Watch him vs Hulk Barbosa or Josh Barnett and you'll see he has this very strong, sticky collar tie. He's a big dude but surely it isn't just that. He seems able to shrug off others' but they often can't his.

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Hard to say. In that clip it doesn’t appear that Hulk actively tries to clear the collar tie. In all honesty, I just attribute this to the lack of wrestling prowess in jiu-jitsu today vs the strength Gordon’s collar tie. I’ve never been subject to that collar tie though, and I suck at wrestling, so I’m not really an authority. 

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A Russian tie or elbow crack down would work well here 

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We talked about this yesterday on my show 

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Technique beats Strength 

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Get inside. 

Clear his grip of your right wrist and get a parallel collar tie, then work head position until you’re grinding the crown of your head into his right eye socket. Now you have an angle and an annoying dominant position within the tie. 

Jiu jitsu guys especially do not like really grinding and pummeling your head into theirs to get position, especially during passing. If you make a guy turn his head away from a kneeslice, for example, they’re stuck. Most of the defense involves uke turning in to the thekneeslice. He can’t when your making him look the other direction.